Lanzhou Public Security Bureau 55 inch LCD mosaic screen project case

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Lanzhou Public Security Bureau 55 inch LCD mosaic screen project case

Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the project perfectly in April (next door to the left is 16 years of "brothers"). The splicing screen project adopts a 3 * 4 splicing wall combined with a Samsung 55 inch 1.7 LCD mosaic screen.

Samsung 55 inch 1.7 LCD mosaic screen parameters

1.Long-term continuous uninterrupted work, can meet the daily start-up time of more than 9 hours, and seven days of continuous work without easy damage to display devices and splice processors.
2.Low cost: Compared with the investment of large enterprises and institutions and government projects, the overall price of bar splicing wall is relatively low.
3.Edge compression strength: edge of the display unit blanking, edge shielding processing to avoid the LCD / PDP device due to the black edge does not show the image deformation, picture inconsistency and so on.
4.Interactive: Different splicing walls for on-site interaction, while displaying the splicing wall of a row / column of the screen, or automatically run different display mode. Previously to achieve a more dynamic, modern display effect.
Full digital built-in splicing processing module integrated solution, high-definition display, durable, an average of 60,000 hours of trouble-free, anti-burning screen, easy to heat, to ensure continuous and stable long-term trouble-free operation.
55 inch LCD mosaic screen, splice wall 
55 inch LCD mosaic wall, LCD mosaic screen pictures
Samsung 55 inch LCD mosaic screen
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