The project case of LCD splicing screen of monitor and control terminal in a county middle school in Shanxi Province - Huayun visual field splicing screen manufacturer.

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2015-09-26

Large LCD splicing screen manufacturer Huayun vision in a county middle school in Shanxi monitoring splicing screen cooperation case, this project in accordance with the actual requirements of Party B equipped with 8 pieces of 55 inch LG original imported screen, using landing cabinet installation.
LG 55-inch ultra-narrow-edge LCD splicing unit uses direct-down LED light source technology display screen, 4500:1 contrast; 10000K color temperature; specially designed for video display, high brightness and high definition, even in sunlight, still perfect display; seam in 1.8mm, and has a frame compensation function, height restore the true picture.
LG55 inch splicing screen parameters





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