P2.5 Indoor LED display screen

P2.5 Indoor LED display screen

1. High pixel, good flatness, uniform picture, delicate and vivid picture quality, pure color.

2. High gray level, high refresh, and realistic video quality in the studio.

3. Safety performance structure, reinforced design is not easy to deform.

4. Large-angle imaging display technology to meet the wide-angle viewing without color cast.

5. Can be designed and maintained on the front and back, light and fast, and easy to maintain.

6. Three-in-one surface mount provides a wider viewing angle and adapts to a closer viewing distance.

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P2.5 Indoor LED Display Screen Product Features

Ultra high brightness, visible from a distance under strong sunlight;

The color uniformity of the display screen is extremely high, and the screen image is more delicate;

The flatness of the module installation surface is required to be controlled at 0.2mm;

Adopting multiple scanning technologies and modular design requirements, it has higher reliability and stability;

The circuit board adopts wave soldering technology and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent moisture and oxidation of the circuit, improving the lifespan of the field. It bid farewell to traditional plug-in lights and adopts a new type of surface mount packaging and its packaging, which displays clearer and more stable colors, can achieve single point maintenance, and is more efficient and energy-saving


Indoor LED application fields:

1、 In the field of advertising and media.
LED display screens, with their unique advantages, have gradually replaced traditional billboards, three sided flippers, light boxes, etc., and become a new force in the advertising and media industry. Traditional advertisements can only play pictures, while LED display screens perfectly combine images, videos, text, and sound, and have characteristics such as high clarity, high brightness, bright colors, distinct main body, novel design, vivid image, simple and lively. The main application fields of advertising media LED display screens are all bustling streets, shopping malls, squares, parks, buildings, landmarks, stations, airports, and other entertainment and cultural fields. The most commonly used is the LED large screen in the background of stages, parties, and other events. It can provide live streaming and exciting replays on site, breaking the limitations of seating and allowing audiences far away from the stage to clearly see the performance on stage, creating a grand and infectious atmosphere. Combined with high-quality audio effects, it provides a perfect audio-visual feast. Mainly used in all evening parties, concert venues, theaters, television stations, high-end venues, etc.

3、 In the field of sports.
It is believed that the LED displays in the main venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have left a deep impression on everyone. The role of the LED screens in the body sound venues is to play the highlights of the game, slow motion playback, display of specific scenes, LED fence screens in all football fields of the main application fields, LED funnel screens in basketball stadiums, LED timing and scoring screens in the track and field venues of the Natatorium, and LED screens on the walls or columns of various sports venues.

4、 Traffic guidance field.
At busy street intersections or on both sides of highways, traffic guidance LED displays will be established. These displays are generally controlled by the control center, combined with other road condition monitoring equipment, to automatically display information on road conditions such as smoothness or congestion based on the road conditions, providing a reference for travelers to choose the most optimal route.

5、 A special place for LED creative screens
Currently, almost every city has museums, technology museums, and other venues, which are closely related to high-tech products such as LED display. Currently, all museum LED spherical screens, technology museum LED spiral bodies, and LED Rubik's Cube, Children's Palace LED creative screens, Space City LED drum screens, as well as art galleries, art galleries, experience museums, and other venues in the LED creative application field,

In addition to these fields, LED display screens will also be applied in more industries, and they can be used wherever a display screen is needed






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