LED spherical screen

LED spherical screen

LED creative display screens can be customized in various shapes to display highly creative content based on the overall exterior structure and installation environment of the building,
Including: circle, arc, diamond, sphere, barrel, arch, cube, cylinder, etc., to assist in the implementation of creative display ideas and designs

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LED creative display screens can be customized in various shapes to display highly creative content based on the overall appearance structure and installation environment of the building, including: circular, arc, diamond, spherical, barrel, arch, cube, cylinder, etc., to assist in the implementation of creative display ideas and designs

1. Spherical screen

Like the vast universe, encompassing everything, shining like a bright pearl. For example, in the center of the mall, the scene senses that are similar to petals and far like stars can be realized, and combined with the space environment of sound and light show, consumers can be placed in the light and shadow Kunstkamera. In museums and technology museums, objects such as the Earth, moon, and stars can be played onto a spherical screen, providing a visual experience that is intuitive and perfect.


The LED spherical screen allows the audience to view from a 360 ° full angle. Unlike conventional LED displays, the details of the screen are easy to express. At the same time, the LED spherical screen can directly project spherical objects such as the Earth and football onto the display screen, giving people an intuitive and perfect video enjoyment.

Spherical LED screen application environment: applied to museums, planetariums, science and technology museums, children's palaces, exhibition halls, gyms, waiting halls, star rated hotels, large outdoor places, train stations, ports, shopping malls, bars and other places.

The installation methods of LED spherical screens are diverse, and different installation methods can be used, such as seated, suspended, embedded, etc., to meet the installation needs of different customers.

2. LED horn screen

Unique design, unique visual experience, blooming different artistic charm. For example, the speaker screen of a certain tourist attraction not only brings new highlights to the tourism industry, but also provides tourists with a more diverse and colorful travel experience. With the melody of the music, different themes and colors change, showcasing vibrant vitality and vitality!


3. LED cylindrical screen

The LED cylindrical screen design is novel and fashionable, which fits the shape of the building. It has advantages such as high brightness and accuracy, wide viewing angle, energy conservation and environmental protection, good stability, wind resistance, convenient installation, and waterproofing, and can be freely spliced. It has a wide range of applications and is a new favorite for multimedia display venues such as exhibition venues, high-end shopping malls, stage bars, brand specialty stores, and other public places. Not only can it look around from multiple angles, but it also completely eliminates the viewing dead zone and achieves the effect of LED large screen display.


The characteristics of irregular screens are:

Structural breakthroughs

Compared to conventional LED displays, LED shaped displays place more emphasis on structural breakthroughs. LED irregular screen modules mainly have structural forms such as fan-shaped, arc-shaped, circular, cylindrical, and triangular. LED shaped screens are biased towards users with special needs and are mainly used in environments such as entertainment venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls, and squares. Due to the different appearances and structures of LED shaped screens, the technical requirements for manufacturers are also more stringent. The complex design of the circuit and structure of LED shaped screens places high demands on the research and development capabilities of manufacturers.

Better creativity

For a long time before, LED irregular screens were achieved through traditional rectangular flat module assembly or edge wrapping. The most common LED irregular screens were large arc screens and flat circular screens, which could cause inconsistent display and mosaic issues, resulting in poor overall display performance. In response to this issue, major LED display screen manufacturers have developed triangular, trapezoidal and other irregular modules that can be assembled into various regular or irregular geometric LED displays such as spherical, diamond, gemstone, and star shapes.

The emergence of LED shaped screens has broken the inertia of only being able to be spliced into regular shapes in the past. Its size and size can be customized according to on-site requirements, and it is no longer constrained. It can be spliced into the shape customers need at will, giving creativity more possibilities. Not only can it attract the audience's attention in the first place, achieve better promotional effects, but it can also expand its application range, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.






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