Construction process of LED display installation

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As the LED display screen industry does not use the environment, its installation methods are also different. Generally speaking, the installation methods of indoor LED display screen generally include: mosaic installation, wall mounted installation, etc; Outdoor LED displays are commonly installed in column type and roof type. Let's learn about the installation process of LED display.

1、LED Survey of display screen installation site

(1)The construction technicians shall arrive at the project installation site to conduct on-site investigation;

(2)Determine the installation position and surrounding environment of LED electronic screen;

(3)Determine the location, environment and control distance of the machine room where the control host is installed;

(4)Measure the actual transmission distance of control signal and data signal.

2、Design the wiring position of transmission signal line

(1)The construction personnel shall lay the communication cable according to the design scheme surveyed by the technicians;

(2)Placement route( (including necessary excavation, drilling, grooving, etc.)

(3)Burying conduit and threading, mainly laying lines;

(4)Install wire connections.


3、Fabrication of screen frame

(1)The construction personnel shall construct the frame according to the reference design drawings provided by the structural designer;

(2)Fabrication of steel frame( Ensure the accuracy of structural fabrication)

(3)Welding and installation of steel frame;

(4)Construction of decorative materials outside the screen( (mainly related to the aesthetic decoration of the periphery)

(5)The lead of the power supply system inside the screen.


4、LED Installation of electronic large screen body

(1)Installation and fixation of box( Ensure positioning accuracy and connection strength to ensure flat and seamless screen)

(2)Box connection, signal line connection, distribution box installation, power line connection and control network erection.


5、Debugging of LED electronic large screen system

(1)Detection of LED electronic large screen power supply system;

(2)Detection and debugging of LED electronic large screen display system; Commissioning of network system; Debugging of multimedia system.





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