LCD advertising machine has become the mainstream trend of shops

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In recent years, LCD advertising machines have been widely used in various enterprises, shopping malls, and schools. LCD advertising machines have brought together a lot of characteristics of smart devices, such as rich content, diverse functional changes, and ten fingers touch functions, and very intelligent.

Many intelligent technologies have been fully applied in digital sign advertising machines. For example, currently applying face recognition technology in advertising machines for traffic statistics, feedback from the customer department's attention and click -through rate, and background big data analysis, which can provide effective marketing data for men and women in the workplace. It is advisable to push high quality, targeted content, more accurate goals, higher effects, and the application of gesture perception technology to bring users a cooler experience; LCD advertising machines lightweight and thin fashion design and perfect advertising Play control function is recognized by the masses.

1. A new experience brought by intelligence

Intelligence brings not only the impact of visual and auditory, but also human -machine interaction, machine -to -machine interaction, digital signature advertising machines can be used as a thinking type, such as elevator door guard system. Types of failure, check whether someone is trapped in the box, and whether someone is trapped, it can automatically send a message containing geographical location to seek help. These are the embodiment of intelligence;


2. LCD advertising machines apply to the site respectively

LCD advertising machine is a high-definition video player. Combined with advanced networks and electronic technology, high-definition videos can be played at the same time. The product is far better than traditional posters. The light box and convenience-use it combined with advanced networks and electronic technology to show The excellent quality of the play, which is far better than traditional posters, light boxes and convenience-using it has the characteristics of continuous rolling play, remote control, timing switch, instant information release function, massive information display, split screen playback, etc., plus plus addition Its novel and fashionable appearance, these characteristics meet the requirements of modern public propaganda, electronic posters will surely become the main medium of future public display and publicity, which can be clearer. More eye -catching and more standardized display products are displayed in front of the customer, realized remote transmission through the network protocol, and timely release of advertising machine information, so that all display terminals form a powerful information release platform


3. Configuration of LCD advertising machines

Touch interaction is a major trend, especially on the application of the hardware platform, dual -core and quad -core CPUs have become the mainstream. As long as we pay attention to the reliability and security of the software, and the tailoring and customization of Android systematization, the performance of the CPU It has been greatly improved, which can drive mainstream 1080P TV movies, and commercial use has become a reality. The application of Android system and HTML5 leaves huge space for content developers, and it is easier for users to go online quickly.





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