What is the composition of the touch all machine and what is it?

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Today, the application of electronic touch equipment is becoming more and more widely used, and there are more and more touch products in the market.
The emerging high -tech electronic touch equipment such as the touch all -in -one, the application of people’s lives, work, and learning has gradually become popular.
While bringing us a lot of convenience, it also makes our lives more colorful.


Maybe many people don't know much about the touch all -in -one, and they don't know what kind of product it is.
In fact, if you understand it simply, you can treat it as a computer all -in -one with a touch function. Its working principle is the same as that of traditional PCs.
However, because its application is targeted and professional, there are certain requirements for the quality of hardware components.

The hardware composition of the touch all -in -one is:
The quality of the shell, LCD screen, touch screen, computer host, etc. will directly affect the overall image of the machine, display effect, user experience, operating performance, etc.
Therefore, users must pay attention when buying products.

1. Shell

The design of the appearance is the first feeling of people. The fashionable and generous design can attract consumers' attention and increase the volume.
Adopt imported sheet metal materials, with a reasonable layout and fine craftsmanship. The design of the whole machine is in line with ergonomic design, and the operation is simple and comfortable.
Not only anti -corrosion and anti -oxidation, exquisite shapes.


2. LCD screen

It mainly determines the display effect of the overall screen of the machine. The screen is clear and the color is really unreal.
The current well -known industrial -grade LED LCD A screen is adopted, with a resolution of 1920*1080, the screen shows high -definition, the color restoration is true, and multiple data interfaces support.


3. Touch screen

There are two types of touch screens used in such products: infrared screen and capacitive screen, which affects the actual operating experience of users.
Small -sized capacitor screens, 32 inches and above infrared screens,
Touching at 10 o'clock, accurate and smooth, and sensitive response.


4. Computer host

It determines the performance of the machine's operating performance in the application process. Brand guarantees, first -class quality and high performance.


The above is part of the main hardware of the touch all -in -one, and its application software cannot be ignored except for the outstanding hardware.
In order to meet the application needs of different customers,
Huayun Vision has an exclusive software development team that can customize various application touch screen software for customers.






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