What kinds of holographic cabinets are there in the exhibition hall?

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The emergence of holographic projection enables users to see three-dimensional images without wearing any equipment,
It has a strong stereoscopic sense and is very popular in exhibition halls and high-end product exhibitions. What kinds of holographic cabinets are so widely used?

Holographic cabinet is mainly composed of cabinet body, spectroscope, spotlight and video player,
Through special processing technology, the 3D model of the real product image is built, and then superimposed into the scene, so that the real object and the image can be combined to form a product display system that is both dynamic and static.
According to different angles, the holographic cabinet can be divided into 180 degree holographic cabinet, 270 degree holographic cabinet and 360 degree holographic cabinet.

180 degree holographic cabinet, also known as single-sided holographic cabinet, can be selected according to different requirements,
It can be permanently installed in each space, and the image content can be changed at any time, so that the details of the product can be presented to people.
The image formed by holographic projection is cool and lifelike, which can dynamically present the charm of the exhibits.

The 270 degree holographic cabinet is also known as the three side holographic display cabinet. Users can clearly see the display of exhibits on three sides,
The image is to realize the recording and reproduction of real three-dimensional images, including the size, shape, brightness, contrast and other information of the product, providing parallax,
Users can see three-dimensional images appear in front of the audience.

The 360 degree holographic cabinet, also known as the four sided holographic display cabinet, is made of transparent glass material into a four sided cone,
The stereoscopic image does not need any screen or medium to directly suspend in the free space of the device, and users can enjoy the product 360 degrees,
Give visitors a strong visual impact.


Holographic cabinets are not only suitable for exhibition halls, but also for shopping malls, real estate and exhibitions,
The product is clearly displayed in front of the audience, presenting more detailed products for users.






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