LCD splicing screen has become the mainstream choice for security monitoring.

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At present, China's security field mainly involves video surveillance,
burglar alarm, building intercom, access control identification and other fields.
Shenzhen is the base camp of national security, and more than 60% of national security products are exported to all parts of the world through Shenzhen.

Among them, there are many video surveillance manufacturers,
the market proportion of products in other fields is relatively small, and the development of the whole industry is unbalanced.
With the development of the times, video surveillance system has become an important part of all enterprises.

Video surveillance system is widely used in many occasions because of its intuitive, accurate,
timely and rich information content.In the field of security monitoring system, LCD mosaic display device has outstanding
characteristics such as excellent color performance, high quality, low energy consumption and long life.

Completely replace plasma display equipment and occupy a leading position.In recent years,
with the rapid development of computer, network, image processing and transmission technology,
and the continuous development of video technology,Video display technology has also made great progress.
CRT analog display technology has transitioned to DLP, PDP plasma and LCD digital display technology.

The transition from a heavy and thick screen structure to a thin flat panel display device is characterized by ultra-thin and light weight,
Compared with other digital display devices, it has the advantage of low price, which makes it widely used.
The large-screen display wall has always been the necessary terminal of the video surveillance system.
The large visual field and stable display performance of the large-screen display wall provide real-time scene images for the monitoring system.

Compared with the current field of security products,
DLP rear projection technology and LCD display have obvious advantages in image quality and comprehensive cost.
The life of LCD screen exceeds 50,000 hours, and there is no cost of "bulb" consumables for DLP splicing wall.
It is reported that most of the display devices in the security monitoring system industry work 24 hours a year,
so they are used as consumables.DLP projection bulb becomes the reason for the high maintenance cost.

46-inch /49-inch /55-inch ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing, with 0.88/1.8/3.5mm flat-stitching available,
Now more attention is paid to LCD liquid crystal splicing, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption,
long life and high definition, and is favored in the field of security monitoring system.
Judging from the current application trend in the Chinese market,
It has become a trend to establish a large-screen monitoring and command system for LCD,
which is more and more used in national key transportation, transportation hubs,
large venues and other important parts.Especially in the field of safety monitoring system,
LCD large screenIt is gradually replacing the traditional CRT and DLP splicing wall,
and becoming the preferred successor of professional security monitoring splicing large screen.





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