The installation method of LCD stitching screen

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With the continuous maturity of LCD technology, the LCD splicing screen has gradually entered people's vision in recent years, and quickly seized the large -screen splicing market, and has become the mainstream technology in the large screen splicing market with DLP and LEDs. Although the LCD splicing screen is very popular, after all, it is a commercial equipment. People are still very limited to it. Today we will first understand the common installation methods of LCD stitching screens.


There are many installation methods for LCD splicing screens. According to different application places, different installation methods can be used. At present, the most common installation methods are the following four:


Floor cabinet installation


The floor -to -ceiling cabinet installation is made of full steel, computer ash appearance, plus static electricity protection, the entire system looks beautiful and atmospheric, and it is relatively simple if the system needs to move.It is a relatively high -end atmosphere, and the structure is strong and powerful. It uses high -quality cold -rolled steel plates, laser cutting, CNC shear, stamping, bending, machine hand welding, more popular in applications such as government units and command centers Essence

Wall -mounted bracket installation


The wall -mounted bracket installation is to fix the bracket on the wall with the expansion bolt, and then hang the stitching screen up. Just debug it. The installation is simple and fast. However, if the number of stitching screens is large, the wall may not be carried.
It is a relatively common one. The advantage is that fast installation, low cost, less space, and not losing beauty at the same time, but this needs to be based on a heavy wall, and it also needs to consider the safety factor. Not in many cases.

3..Embedded installation


The embedded installation is to dig out the space on the wall, and then use the screen to treat it. The advantage is that it can be better integrated with the surrounding environment, which can save more space.
Generally, it is used in the office, conference rooms, and exhibition halls, and when the number of stitching units is not large, install it on the wall concave surface, and then use the edge to make the large screen and the wall appear a strong visual effect. Installation effect.

4. Vender bracket installation


The way of vertical bracket installation, the entire stitching screen system is supported by brackets, and the stitching bracket should support the weight of the entire system. This installation method requires the installation ground to be flat, the ground is strong enough, and the requirements for stitching brackets are relatively high, so that installation is conducive to system maintenance and fault maintenance.Not only does it have a better load -bearing effect, installing the columns is a hardware slide, which can realize the adjustment of the panel and internal organization at any height; improve the efficiency of the installation and maintenance process, but it can be slightly worse in terms of beauty.





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