Multi-screen interactive slide screen

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Multi-screen linkage slide screen - a new multimedia display solution, also known as mechanical matrix slide screen, which can slide on the track of multiple splicing screens, touch all-in-one machines or advertising machines, the display board or LCD splicing screen is arranged on the display wall with similar coordinate axis as the background wall, and a sliding mechanical structure is installed in the front to hang the touch all-in-one machine. The built-in encoder is used to calculate the rotation angle of the motor, so as to calculate the number of turns of the motor to obtain the real-time position. When the touch all-in-one machine moves on the track, the encoder will automatically play the corresponding content after measuring the corresponding position, which can be pictures, text or video.


Customization and open point setting and control system of multi-screen linkage slide screen:


1. There are various control methods: IPAD, mobile phone or remote controller can be selected as the control terminal independently;


2. Open user interface protocol: customers can easily connect the slide screen to the customer's central control system;


3. Open point setting system: customers can add or delete the number of sensing positions according to their needs;


4. It is especially suitable for places where promotional content or products need to be updated frequently, and it is easy to maintain and promote in the later stage;


5. Slow start and slow stop control system: there are buffer procedures for equipment start and stop to ensure smooth operation of equipment, low noise, and reduce shaking of equipment;


6. Intelligent anti-collision system: anti-collision sensors, limit switches and other anti-collision systems are set at the mobile end to ensure the safety of equipment operation and good safety risk control;


7. Position linearity test system: through high-precision sensors, the current real-time position of the slide screen is detected in real time, and the response speed is fast; The position measurement accuracy is ± 1mm, and the positioning is accurate.


Advantages of slide screen:

1. This interactive way will attract more visitors to watch and better play the role of publicity.

2. The display screen carries a huge amount of information, which saves more space than pictures and words, and can express more information that the organizers want to convey.

3. Once the visitor approaches the exhibition item, the large screen system will be started immediately, which truly realizes automatic control. It can be controlled by multiple detection points at the same time, making the whole exhibition hall more vivid and random, and truly realizing energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection.

4. Even if the boring words and images are displayed on the video, people will also have the interest to read, but also reduce the burden of the commentator, so that the empty explanation can be transformed into three-dimensional animation form, which is easy for visitors to understand at a glance, and makes the release of exhibition hall information and product introduction more automatic.


Precautions for slide screen:

Decoration style: The decoration design style of the exhibition hall can also play a foil effect on the display of slideway TV. If you want to design an attractive exhibition hall, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the details of the design scheme, and you should also comprehensively sort out the contents you display, so that you can fully express some elements and characteristics that the company wants to express during the construction of the design scheme, The exhibition hall designed and decorated in this way will also attract more attention.






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