How much do you know about LCD splicing screens?

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LCD splicing screen is a display device that can be used as a separate display or assembled into a large screen. It adopts a microcontroller system with LCD backlight source, uses LCD screen as display device, and achieves image display and information sharing by displaying signal sources (such as computers, video booth cameras, etc.) on the unit board.


The LCD splicing screen has multiple functions, including segmentation, single screen, any combination, full screen splicing, vertical display, etc. It also supports digital signal roaming, cross screen display, picture in picture, and other functions. The principle is that when the input voltage or current reaches a certain value, the control IC will output a switch signal, which is sent through the interface circuit to the corresponding processing chip for judgment and processing, thereby producing different visual effects.


The composition of LCD splicing screen mainly includes panel, bracket, and driving circuit. The panel is usually made of tempered glass or transparent organic glass material, while the bracket is divided into fixed and movable types. The driving circuit includes high-voltage and low-voltage components, which are used to power and control the working status of each unit board.


The application fields of LCD splicing screens are very extensive, including information display terminals in transportation industries such as airports, ports, docks, subways, and highways, financial and securities information display terminals, commercial and media advertising, product display terminals, education and training/multimedia video conference systems, dispatch and control rooms, broadcasting and television, large-scale broadcasting/performance venues, emergency command systems in military, government, urban, mining, energy security monitoring systems, as well as fire, meteorological, maritime, flood control, and transportation hub command systems.

In addition, LCD splicing screens are also suitable for information dissemination and display in public places such as hospitals, museums, libraries, and stations. In summary, LCD splicing screens have broad application prospects in various industries and fields due to their high-definition image quality, flexible splicing, and easy installation and maintenance.





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