What big screen is better to use in the conference room?

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The development of communication technology, the iteration upgrades of intelligent hardware, equipment terminals, and in -depth application scenarios of video conferences have become higher and higher.

Many corporate conference rooms are overwhelmed by choosing LCD stitching screens or LED display screens when choosing a large -screen display product.
Many customers don't know much about LCD screen and LED display.
As a stitching screen manufacturer, Huayun Vision answered questions for you.

Smart Conference Tablet

The smart conference tablet can be understood as an upgraded version of large LCD TVs, ranging from 55 ~ 98 inches.
It is characterized by a large single -screen size, 4K displayed in full HD, does not require stitching, and has a touch function. You can directly use your fingers to move the screen.
In addition, the smart conference tablet is available in the interior and Windows dual system, which can be quickly switched, that is, it can be used as a touch display tablet or computer.
The characteristics of the smart conference tablet are large in single -screen size, simple and fast operation, and smart conference tablets are more suitable for small and medium -sized conference rooms. Generally, it is recommended in conference rooms within 50 square meters;
Because the use of the smart conference tablet is more flexible and convenient, the mobile bracket supports the movement at any time,
You can write a touch whiteboard, video conference, etc.


LCD stitching screen

In the early days, due to the large seams of the LCD stitching screen, it was basically used in the safe industry. High stability and diversified stitching functions make it shine in the safety field.
However, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of sewing technology, from the past to 3.5mm.1.8mm.0.88mm, the distance between the seams has been continuously reduced.
At present, the physical black edge of the 55 -inch 0.88mm LCD stitching screen is very small and is basically not affected by the entire screen display.
In addition, it has the advantages of high -definition resolution and has been widely used in many indoor fields. The conference occasion is a large application area.
The LCD stitching screen can expand the display size by different quantities of sewing combination,
Especially for some large conference rooms, you can clearly see the content on the screen.


LED display

In the past, LED display was often used for large outdoor screen display.
In recent years, with the launch of the small spacing LED series, it has also begun to use in conference rooms, especially products below P2, and select the relevant models according to the size of the conference room.
Many large -scale meetings now use LED display because of better integrity,
This is because there is no advantage of sewing, so there is a better visual experience when displaying video or images in full screen.
However, LED display also has some disadvantages, such as slightly low resolution, which has a certain impact on close viewing.






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