Guigang people's court intelligent multifunctional conference room 55 inch touch screen screen - Huayun horizon splicing screen manufacturers.

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Guigang Tong People's Court Wisdom Multifunctional Conference Room 55 Inch Touch splicing screen - Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. splicing screen manufacturers.

With the advent of the digital age, various digital applications have emerged. Using Internet thinking, insisting on serving the people, serving the trial execution, serving the judicial management, strengthening information construction, and striving to realize the modernization of the people's court trial system and trial ability are the development direction of the information court. The "Digital Court" built by the People's Court of Guigang in Guangxi Province has been started. The digital display system of the Court uses a 55-inch ultra-narrow LCD splicing screen with one row and six rows of splicing units. The LCD splicing units can not only switch the pictures of judges, prosecutors, defenders and suspects. Even witnesses from different places can testify at the same time. With the assistance of the local court, a witness in a foreign country can use a microphone, a computer, a video camera and digital courts to connect, and the audio and video can be transmitted to the courts synchronously to complete remote forensics. 

Through the realization of the function of Siyuan LCD splicing screen in the court hearing, the system is mainly responsible for the court hearing supervision, court hearing video, security monitoring, data analysis and so on. While recording the court hearing scene synchronously, the system makes real-time backup and centralized storage of the data, which can not only view the court hearing at any time on the large screen, but also be able to view the court hearing situation. At any time, we can read the video of the court trial and check the electronic dossiers to meet the needs of court broadcast, case assessment and so on. In the court's case handling, trial, court proceedings and other work procedures, Huashi Siyuan splicing screen for staff and disputes on both sides of the speech and deeds of real-time monitoring, as a necessary record of work, and can be used as an urgent file information, which is essential to the work of the court.






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