Guilin Museum of culture 55 inch LCD mosaic screen project,——Huayun shijie LCD mosaic screen case.

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2018-08-15
LCD splicing has become a new generation of "darlings" in museums, science and technology museums and other places by virtue of flexible and flexible creative display methods and realistic picture display effect. Compared with the traditional static display mode, multimedia display uses video, audio, animation, pictures, text and other media to combine application means, in-depth excavation of the background and significance of exhibition objects, to achieve the ordinary display method is difficult to achieve both vertical in-depth anatomy, but also the dynamic expansion of horizontal correlation. The exhibition forms promote the cooperation of visual, auditory and other senses and behaviors, create brand-new visiting experience, and enhance the interest of viewing and exploring.

Guilin Cultural Museum decided to cooperate with Shenzhen LCD splicing screen manufacturer Huayun shijie to create a 3-row 4-column splicing screen system after a multi-faceted inspection of large screen manufacturers. After on-the-spot investigation of the user's actual installation environment, and combined with the actual needs of users, Huayun shijie decided that the project should adopt the color of the screen, outstanding clarity, stable operation, easy maintenance, and can achieve high-brightness display and special-shaped display 55 inches 3.5mm LCD splicing unit construction. The joint project of Huayun shijie and Guilin Cultural Museum not only ended perfectly, but also promoted the development of Huayun shijie LCD display products in the exhibition industry. 
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