Samsung 55 inch LCD splicing screen (3.5mm splicing)

Samsung 55 inch LCD splicing screen (3.5mm splicing)

Huashiyuan hs-5535pd adopts Samsung original imported screen, double side seam 3.5m m, resolution 1920 × 1080, brightness 500 CD / m2, contrast 4500:1, supporting 1080p Full HD digital video display.It is widely used in security, command center, entertainment industry, enterprise display, advertising media, exhibition center, factories and mines, electric power, water conservancy, education, organ units, military and other industries.

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产品详情 & 参数

Huayun Vision-New splicing screen for exhibition - 55 "3.5 seam

Specification and model: HS-5535PD (500 brightness 3.5mm butt joint)

55 inch 3.5 seam LCD splicing screen 3X3 case

【HS-55thirty-fiveSpecifications and parameters of new LCD splicing unit dedicated to PD exhibition]

[Screen parameters]

ØPanel Type

Original Samsung splicing screen (Class A)

ØPhysical butt joint

three point fivemm

ØScreen size

55 inches

ØBacklight type


ØScreen scale



500 cd/m ²


one thousand two hundred and thirteen point five × six hundred and eighty-four point three × 67.7 mm

Øcontrast ratio



one thousand two hundred and nine point six × 680.4 mm

ØDisplay color


ØPhysical resolution

one thousand nine hundred and twenty × one thousand and eighty

Øresponse time


ØPixel spacing

0sixthree × 0six3mm

ØScanning frequency


Øviewing angle

Up and down 178 °, left and right 178 °

ØBacklight life

five0000 hours

ØDynamic contrast five00000:1

Function Overview

ØFeatures Intelligent GAMMA online adjustment function: the most advanced built-in multiple GAMMA curve intelligent adjustment technology is adopted, which can timely adjust the color temperature curve of the LCD screen, solve the problem of poor white balance caused by different screen brightness non-uniformity, and meet the requirements of brightness and color consistency in different real scenes.

ØSplicing method

M× N Flexible splicing, horizontal splicing and vertical splicing can achieve 15 rows and 15 columns, beautiful and generous

ØDisplay function

Full screen splicing, arbitrary combination and single screen display (cross screen roaming and image superimposition are optional)

ØDisplay effect

High brightness, high color gamut and high contrast to ensure perfect display effect;

ØDisplay color

16.7M color, true reproduction of every detail;

Øviewing angle

The viewing angle is more than 178 °, which can be viewed from all directions

Øresponse speed

eightMS responds very quickly to avoid stuck tail

Øimage processing

10bit image chip processing technology,3D digital filtering and 3D digital noise reduction technology;

Øproduct quality

Military components, supporting 24 hours × 365 days of uninterrupted work;

ØSupport resolution

1080P and downward compatibility

ØOperation mode

Professional large screen control software (RS232 communication mode)

Øsoftware function

Switch on/off, signal switching, mode switching, Chinese menu and efficient management through control software

ØMenu Language

Chinese, English

Øgreen product

Low energy consumption, zero radiation, stable image, no impact on eyes, environmental protection and health

[Signal support]

ØVGA input

1 channel VGA input

ØDVI input

1 channel DVI input

ØHDMI input

1 channel HDMI input

ØComposite video input

Two BNC inputs and one BNC loop out

ØLevel networking interface

1 wayRJ45-8Input 2 channelsRJ45-8Output (RS232 protocol)

ØColor difference input


ØS-Terminal input


[Working environment]

ØPower input

AC100-240V, 50 /60 Hz

ØOperating power consumption


Østandby power


ØOperating temperature


ØStorage temperature


Features of signal looping board (optional):
(1) Support4KInput, pointfourblockone thousand nine hundred and twentySplicing screen(3840x2160)Point to point display can be realized when,The display screen has no compression and stretching, and the display effect is clearer and more realistic;

(2) SupportDPLoop through, any input signal can pass throughDPOutput loop to the next screenDPInput port,This function can replace the allocator and matrix(Front end signal access Yes4kSignal, that replaces4kbranchAdapter and4kmatrix)To use(Signal distributor is no longer required);

(3) Input signal supportninetyDegreeone hundred and eightyDegreetwo hundred and seventyThe degree of flipping is excellent.

(4) Machine code (address code) is supported. The column and column addresses can be obtained when you see them. Fill in the control software, and thenDon't worry about computing binary;

(5) 1366,one thousand nine hundred and twentyCommon screen parameters (supported8bitand10bit LVDSLCD) system integration, usingIt can be set through the dial switch, which is very convenient for installation and after-sales, eliminating the trouble of burning the program;

(6) Automatic signal detection function, when signal input is detected, it will automatically switch to the signal source.

(7) ST5810 PLUS support4k vby1 60hzLCD screen (optional).

(8) Support to open a signal (the signal can support reaching4k)The whole screen can be roamed and stacked (optional).

Common installation methods of splicing screen:





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