What's the difference between a touch machine and a computer?

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With the progress of human beings and the development of science and technology, the application scope of the touch all-in-one machine will become wider and wider, while the use of ordinary computers will gradually narrow to a certain range.
What's the difference between them? Let's talk:


1、 Appearance:
Common computer products touch all-in-one computers include all-in-one computers, desktop computers or laptops. The common sizes are 11 "- 42", which are generally used on the desktop;
The touch all-in-one machine broke the size limit, ranging from 17 inches to 120 inches,
There are wall mounted, floor mounted, mobile, etc.


2、 Configuration:
Ordinary computers are basically LCD screens, mainframes, and keyboards and mice for operation,
In the case of notebook, it is a combination of these.
The touch integrated machine is mainly composed of LCD, touch screen and computer host,
Other hardware devices or external devices will also be installed.


3、 Manufacturing process:
Ordinary computers do not have very high requirements for the quality of raw materials and manufacturing process of the hardware of the touch machine.
The touch all-in-one machine is different. It is built according to industrial requirements, and the quality of hardware and raw materials, installation steps and manufacturing process are very strict.


4、 Function:
Ordinary computers need to use an external keyboard and mouse,
The touch integrated machine has abandoned the mouse and keyboard. After power on, people only need to touch on the screen with their fingers to complete the operation,
More convenient, simple and fast.


5、 Application:
Common all-in-one computers are generally used for home or office.
The touch machine is widely used in teaching, meeting, display, query and so on.







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