What are the types of LED alien screens?

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What are the types of LED alien screens? How many types of LED alien screens are there?
Today, I will take you to understand:


1. Ball display screen

Ball screens are generally used for indoor display.


2, column screen

It is more common in squares, shopping malls or stage backgrounds, mainly used to display patterns.


3. Double -panel screen

This kind of product is also sandwiched in the middle of the two glass. The LED light source in the middle of the two pieces of glass shines, and it is projected through the glass.
So as to realize the image display of the unit board in the upper, lower, left and right directions.


4. Double -color display screen

The two -color screen usually refers to a screen consisting of three base colors of red, green, and blue.
In this product, red and green lights are usually displayed, so that the image display is more vivid, saturated, and uniform


5, dual -curved display screen

The dual -curved screen is also called a dual spherical screen, which is formed by two concentric circular surfaces.
Because the radius of the circle is different, the image will change between the two balls, which enhances the display effect.


6. Double -sided LED display

The double -sided LED display, also known as the Gemini unit board display wall, is mainly composed of two unit boards, which are located on both sides.
It can implement the display function of the image; it is also called a double -sided LED display.
An important feature of a alien screen is that it can be spliced and combined at will, so that for alien screen manufacturers, it is necessary to make a lot of improvement in industrial grade display.


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