Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a 46-Inch LCD splicing screen project in the exhibition hall of a research center in Shandong Province.

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2015-07-26

Shenzhen Huayun horizon splicing screen factory in a Shandong Research Center Exhibition Hall case, the project uses Samsung 46 inches 1.7 ultra-narrow LCD splicing unit (highlight) composed of large screen splicing wall, with 1920 *1080 high resolution, 178 degrees wide viewing angle, high picture quality display effect, brightness up to 700cd /, straight-down LED backlight, The color reduction is good, the image is lifelike and the backlight brightness is even. Display performance is stable, ultra-long service life up to 60,000 hours, to meet the user's requirements for large-screen display equipment!
46 inch 1.7 stitching screen parameters details





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