What are the application fields of LED display

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The extensive demand of LED display screen is mainly due to its high-definition color display screen, super three-dimensional sense, static as oil painting and dynamic as film, and its advantages of combining with intelligent devices, it quickly occupies some fields of production and life, and starts to attack more fields. LED display can be divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display according to the use environment. So, what areas are led displays being used in?

1、 Outdoor advertising market

(1) Street billboard

As advertisers pay more and more attention to the audience's feelings, the promotion and application of small space LED display screen, intelligent advertising machine and other products make LED products occupy the forefront of outdoor advertising market.

(2) Gas station

Gas stations have the advantages of wide coverage, large audience size and better economic conditions of the audience, which is destined to bring greater marketing value through LED screen, which can better meet the needs of advertisers. In the future, gas stations will be a market with great prospects in the LED display industry.

(3) Community media

The community led display screen can be simulcast by the central platform software. It can play real-time community life information such as weather, urban emergency information, public service advertisement, commercial advertisement, life service, etc., which provides convenience for residents and can also transmit valuable information. With the maturity of technology and the further decline of price, the application of LED display in community media is more and more.

(4) Building curtain wall

According to statistics, the total area of China's modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 70 million square meters, and such a huge amount of glass curtain wall is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. With the development of building media technology, this will be a new blue ocean for LED display screen to break through.

2、 Exhibition stage market

(1) Stage

LED display makes the performance stage gorgeous and dynamic, while allowing remote audience to watch the stage, adding color to the performance. And with the increasing of various small-scale performances and large-scale concerts, the demand for LED display will continue to increase.


The application of LED special-shaped screen in bars, from the initial brief design to the perfect combination of LED display stage and lighting, and then to the popularity of various special-shaped screens, has been more and more favored by the entertainment industry.

(3) Playground

With the popularity of tourism, LED display screen is used as a device to display various information in theme parks, amusement parks and other public amusement parks.


3、 "Smart" society

(1) Smart city

In the construction of smart city, public safety, transportation, people's livelihood and so on are closely related to the use of LED display, which also promotes the rapid development and market popularization of LED display.

(2) Video conference

Video conference system display terminal favor small space LED display, not only is the necessity of practical application demand, but also the necessity of improving the image of enterprises through hardware facilities.

(3) Smart factory

In the factory network of manufacturing industry, led small space display technology can be deployed from assembly line and workshop to headquarters system. At the same time, modern led small space display technology can provide 3D virtual simulation pipeline display and interactive control. Therefore, smart factory is bound to become a new field of LED small space display enterprises.

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