Large screen solutions for leisure and entertainment

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With the continuous development of the LCD splicing screen market, high-performance ultra narrow edge LCD splicing screens are increasingly accepted and recognized by people. Various large bars, entertainment cities, KTVs, and other entertainment venues have used LCD splicing large screens as background walls, which not only enlivens the on-site atmosphere, but also enhances the level of entertainment venues. By 2016, 30% of the LCD splicing market was applied to entertainment and leisure clubs such as bars. So what are the components of a complete bar leisure and entertainment large screen display system solution?

◆ Front end equipment: The signals of the front end equipment are created by DJ masters, and suitable materials are selected and edited into high-definition signal sources to emit signals. After the high-definition signal is transmitted to VJ, the DJ signal is collected by the VJ high-definition acquisition card. After various processing of the playback materials by the VJ console, high-definition high-quality images can be played that can strongly enhance the atmosphere of the scene.

Transmission equipment: The transmission system is an important link to ensure high-quality display images. For image transmission, the key requirement is to ensure that the image signal does not generate significant noise, distortion, or deformation after passing through the transmission system, and that the clarity and grayscale level of the original image do not significantly decrease. There are many types of signal transmission systems, including signal distributors, converters, transmitters, switches, wireless transmitters, optical transceivers, and other high-definition signal transmission equipment, which can ensure lossless signal transmission.

Display terminal: Display terminals are generally composed of spliced large screens, which can create more stunning effects. Huayun Vision has grandly launched a 46 inch DID 5X5 ultra narrow edge stitching large screen for night clubs. Adopting the industrial LCD panel produced by Samsung's original factory, it can work without faults for a long time, and has the characteristics of small seams, fast response, and high clarity. The extremely stunning graphics can bring more high-end enjoyment to the night scene.


Huayun Vision Leisure Entertainment Large Screen Display System is a popular high-end leisure equipment configuration method in the current market, utilizing high-tech technologies such as full high-definition signal acquisition, signal encoding and decoding transmission, and Yajia control console. It is a cost-effective audio and video synchronization solution specifically developed by Huayun Vision for leisure and entertainment fields such as bars.

Features of the leisure and entertainment large screen display system:

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