What is the quality of splicing screen?

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With the rapid development of the technology network era, users have more and more extensive use of splicing screen terminal display devices. However, for many people who have just been exposed to splicing screens, there is only a vague concept in mind. The two screens are spliced together, and the others are unaware. It seems that there is a "two monks who are puzzled" in the analysis of the parameters of the splicing screen to determine its quality, and the specifications, models, and parameters of splicing screens on the market Waiting is even more foggy and unpredictable.

Don't worry, after reading this article carefully, the editor of Huayun Vision will show you how to judge the quality of the LCD splicing screen.

A look at the panel type

The core of the LCD splicing screen is the LCD panel, so you must choose a brand of LCD panel with good stability to ensure the service life and functional display of the LCD splicing screen. At present, most of the LCD panels used on the market are Samsung/LG/BOE. These are original industrial-grade A+ panels. The three have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the current splicing screen products mostly use Samsung panels. Samsung panels are super high. Brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-durability and ultra-narrow-edge applications are widely used by users.

Second look at the size and patchwork

At present, the mainstream splicing screen sizes on the market are 46 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, including a variety of stitching ranging from 3.5mm, 1.8mm, 1.7mm, 0.88mm, and the smaller the stitching, the better the display effect. , But the cost will be higher, so you still have to choose according to your specific needs and budget. If it is used for monitoring video display, you can use a wider stitching product, such as 3.5mm; because the monitoring display does not have high requirements for stitching, on the contrary, it requires higher stability. If it is used in conference rooms or exhibitions, you can use narrow-panel LCD splicing screens, such as 1.7mm, 1.8mm, 0.88mm, etc., which can greatly improve the display effect and bring better Visual experience.

Three look at the backlight

Most of the splicing screens adopt the new-generation LED diode as the backlight light-emitting technology, which makes the soft and beautiful display of the picture at the same time, the light source is stable, the calorific value is small, the energy consumption is low, the energy saving and environmental protection; combined with its high brightness display up to 700cd/, Whether it is under high-intensity lights/sunlight or in a dark environment with large parallax, it does not affect the display effect of the picture at all, and can reflect the true response with faster response speed and better color gamut. The various dynamic details of the information and the picture allow the user to watch all the conditions in the detailed picture range in a timely manner, and the brightness of the picture can be stabilized for a long time, without attenuation, and more suitable for the use of multiple complex environments.

Four look at the strength of manufacturers

First, after-sales service. Although the quality of the product determines the later use, the manufacturer determines the technical and after-sales aspects. These two aspects also play a decisive role in the long-term use of the LCD splicing screen. This is because LCD splicing screens are usually used in multiple pieces, so the probability of various problems in the later use is also relatively large, which is also a normal phenomenon. At this time, it reflects the importance of after-sales service of manufacturers, especially When replacement parts are needed, whether the manufacturer can send technicians to visit and replace it is the most important point. Often, different manufacturers have very different services for this point.

Second, technical experience. It is the technical problems in the design and installation of the entire project, whether it can provide the maximum cooperation, and solve various technical problems on the spot, such as the on-screen display of signals, debugging and distribution, etc., which require strong technical experience support.

Therefore, when choosing the LCD splicing screen, we must dialectically consider the two major factors of the product and the manufacturer, because these two factors determine the service life of the product and technical service. These two points are the same for the installation and use of our entire project. important.

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