Interactive Slide Screen Solution

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Interactive slideway screen, also known as slideway electronic window, is a combination of customized slideway track and interactive window. The viewer can push the display screen according to the right or left of the track. There are different kinds of display screen, which can be customized according to the needs of customers. The window system projects the image onto the large screen. Only by clicking on the image system on the large screen surface, it can accurately locate the image according to the action of the finger and according to the action of the user. To zoom, rotation and a series of interactive, and can also produce interactive functions according to the sliding rail. 
Principle of Interactive Slide Screen
Different touch points are set on the corresponding pictures. Sensor circuit devices are installed on the sliding track in advance. When visitors push LCD TV to find the set sensing points, the sensing signal will be triggered, and the TV can automatically switch to the video related to the pictures for broadcasting.
Composition of Interactive Slide Track 
Hardware: customized sliding track, plasma TV, infrared sensor, light box, control host 
Software: Control software animation content
Classification of Interactive Slide Screen
1. Interactive sliding screen: It uses customized system to achieve automatic continuity of dynamic objectives. Dynamic display wall breaks the bondage of traditional electronic exhibition items without human control. Once visitors approach the screen, the large screen system opens immediately and moves with the movement of people.
2. Interactive rotating screen: also known as swing screen, the screen can rotate at any angle according to the customized content, plus product display, which produces magical image effect in the process of rotating in the screen.
Advantages of Interactive Slide Screen
1. Loading information is very large.
2. Save space
3. The reference can be seen at a glance.
4. Reducing the burden of commentators
Notes for Interactive Slide Screen
1. There should be some interactive space in front of the screen.
2. Attention should be paid to the installation height of the track TV so as to facilitate the operation of the audience.
Interactive slide screen function
1. The audience can switch the playback content by pushing the LCD screen to move by hand.
2. Support touch screen interaction.
3. The LCD screen can display different contents by setting different contacts.
4. The content of the presentation is diverse. The playing pictures are closely combined with the content of the background wall. They can be pictures, words or videos.
Application of Interactive Slide Track
Nowadays, the application of interactive sliding screen is more and more extensive, and the display forms are also various. Interactive sliding TV is one of them and widely used. At present, the application of interactive sliding screen is mainly used in exhibition halls, exhibitions and museums to display the contents of the wall pictures, which not only makes the relatively boring text image displayed on the video, but also can better explain, visitors can see at a glance, but also reduces the burden of the interpreters. 





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