Why is LCD mosaic screen favored by digital exhibition hall?

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Why is LCD mosaic screen favored by digital exhibition hall?

Digital exhibition hall, also known as digital exhibition hall, multimedia digital exhibition hall, refers to the multi-media and digital technology as the display technology, the use of the latest film and television animation technology, combined with unique graphics and digital and multimedia technology, with a variety of novel technologies to attract visitors, the realization of human-computer interaction mode of the exhibition hall form.
As the most common multimedia display equipment in the design of enterprise digital exhibition hall, LCD splicing screen is widely welcomed by the majority of enterprise digital exhibition hall.
LCD splicing screen can be used as a monitor and can be used as a super screen. According to the use needs of different exhibition halls, can be arbitrary combination, can be used either large screen splicing, can also be small screen splicing; can be a single screen display, can also be a whole screen splicing. According to the characteristics of products, choose the right way to meet the needs of different customers.
Digital exhibition hall using LCD mosaic screen advantages: first, the exhibition hall space is limited, mosaic screen visual angle is large, can be left and right visitors can clearly see the screen before and after. Secondly, the mosaic screen has high resolution, beautiful picture, high contrast and clearer picture and text. Then, the splicing screen is super thin and lightweight and looks more stylish. Next, the number of stitches can be arbitrarily selected (row (m) *column (n)), and the screen size can also be varied to meet different display requirements. Finally, the operation is simple and powerful.
In addition to the advantages of display, LCD splicing screen also has long service life, low maintenance costs; low power consumption, low calorific value; long trouble-free time, low maintenance costs and other advantages. Therefore, the traditional display screen has become the mainstream.
Digital exhibition hall can be used to publicize cultural relics and history, because of its technical advantages, it can play a very good role in the protection of cultural relics and historical references, even in high temperature and cold areas due to the characteristics of technology and equipment, without showing actual objects, the body will be the largest. The limits are expressed.
Because of its exaggerated form of expression and interactive experience, digital exhibition hall can actively mobilize the enthusiasm of participants, through sound and light will need to better convey the contents of the exhibition to visitors, so for enterprises, cultural relics, institutions are very practical value.






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