Common troubleshooting method for liquid crystal advertisement machine

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Liquid crystal advertising machine is a new platform for advertising communication. It covers many public places, such as transportation hub, shopping mall, museum, bank and so on. The life span of LCD advertising machine is 6-7 years. Then how to deal with the malfunction during the use process.
1. Solutions to common problems of liquid crystal advertising machines
1, Q: is it normal when there is a complex interference pattern on the LCD switch screen?
Answer: This is the signal interference caused by the display card, is a normal phenomenon, can automatically or manually adjust the phase to solve the problem.
2, question: can LCD work for a long time?
Answer: liquid crystal in the long run is not a problem in fact with the ordinary CRT display, liquid crystal display heat dissipation, low power consumption, more suitable for long run compared, but from the point of view, it should be given to LCD "rest" time, after. In short, it is a more delicate LCD product, and it is not easy to solve problems like CRT monitors.
3, ask: how to clean the LCD screen?
Answer: try not to use wet cloth and water too clean liquid crystal screen to avoid water entering the internal liquid crystal screen and cause short circuit; recommending glasses cloth and wiping the liquid crystal screen for lens paper, which can avoid water entering LCD, and not scrape the LCD screen.
Two, the solution to the common problems of outdoor advertising machines
1, Q: the outdoor advertising machine LCD screen flickers and cause the following phenomenon serious possibility.
Answer: check whether there is a magnetic field interference around; please check the stability of the power supply voltage; check the display, the graphics card driver; improve the refresh rate 75HZ; if it is not possible to contact the manufacturer, work under the guidance of the manufacturer.
2. Ask: Outdoor advertising machine LCD screen is blank, and display "Synchronization out of range signal" or "ringing OUT", why?
Answer: when the computer signal that goes beyond the display range shows that the abnormal signal stops working, the user can turn off the display, then open it, and then reset the output frequency of the computer.
3, Q: outdoor advertising machine LCD screen is not displayed, the front panel indicator lights flicker, how to deal with it?
Answer: Check whether the connection between the display and the computer signal cable is firm, and check that the signal line connects the socket pin if it breaks and bends.
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