What is slide screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2019-03-21

The slideway interactive screen system, also known as slideway TV and slideway playback, realizes interactive control of screen content by special designed mechanical slideway control device combined with high-definition LCD splicing curtain wall. It slides to different positions to display relevant information, including pictures, text, video, etc. It is a new interactive display form, which can be used with touch at the same time.

The main principle of the interactive slide screen is to set different touch points on the corresponding pictures, install the sensor circuit in advance on the sliding track. When the visitors push LCD TV to find the set sensing points, the sensing signal will be triggered, and the TV can automatically switch to the video related to the pictures or stop playing. It consists of custom sliding track, plasma TV, infrared sensor, light box and computer.


The principle of the interactive slide screen is to insert various case pictures on the exhibition wall with similar coordinate axes, and to create a set of sliding mechanical structures to suspend LCD TV. Different touch points are set on the corresponding pictures, and the viewer can push the LCD TV up, down, left and right to find the sensing points in the background through the sensor circuit installation of the orbital device. When the viewer pushes the plasma TV to different points to make the screen coincide with the points, the sensing signal is triggered, and the screen will automatically play the local video content.
Mainly in some exhibition halls and museums, on the one hand, this interactive way will attract more visitors to watch, better to achieve the role of propaganda. On the other hand, the LCD screen carries a huge amount of information, which can express more information that the organizer wants to transmit. Once the visitors approach the exhibition, the large screen system starts immediately, and the automatic control is really completed. It can control multiple detection points at the same time, making the whole exhibition hall more vivid and random, and realizing power saving, energy saving and low carbon environmental protection.






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