Which indicators should we refer to when choosing LCD splicing screen?

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Five elements of LCD splicing screen:
1. LCD splicing gap: LCD splicing wall is composed of several splicing panels. So there will be some splicing gap between the panels. The size of stitching gap also has a great influence on the visual effect.
2. Input signal type: At present, LCD splicing screen in the market generally supports multiple formats of signal input and output, but there are many inferior products only support one signal input and output function, so we must see clearly the type of input signal it supports before purchasing.
3. Brightness: Brightness determines the display brightness of spliced screen products on the screen. The splicing screen can be divided into high brightness and low brightness. Different brightness can be selected according to the requirements of installation environment. If its brightness is too low, then in some light-intensive environment, it will lead to the user can not see clearly the display content on the screen, if it is used indoors, it does not need too high brightness.
4.Contrast: The contrast of LCD splicing screen shows the brightness of the color and the effect of the color. The contrast of LCD splicing screen is 4500:1, which belongs to LCD splicing products with high contrast in LCD splicing market. If the contrast is too low, it will lead to some shortcomings, such as the color is not bright enough and the color is not rich enough, so when choosing the LCD screen, the high contrast is relatively good.
5. Supporting resolution: The resolution of LCD splicing is one of the most important parameters for its display effect. Resolution determines the clarity of the display image, whether the screen is delicate and so on. Generally, its resolution is very high. If the resolution is too low, do not buy, otherwise the display effect is not ideal.
Choosing LCD splicing screen should follow the following principles:
1. We must select products that have passed the certification of the national statutory quality supervision and inspection department and the relevant administrative departments and allow production and sale. The product quality and technology shall conform to the requirements of the relevant national standards and standards.
2. The actual technical specifications of LCD splicing screen should be consistent with the product specifications. The technical specifications given in the specifications should be more detailed and specific.
3. The technical specifications of the selected LCD splicing screen should generally be higher than those of the whole system.
4. For the size requirement of LCD splicing screen, the choice is: the LCD screen with larger screen and smaller splicing seam can be selected. Now 55 inch LCD splicing screen splicing gap is 1.7mm, the size of screen and splicing gap will also affect the visual effect. According to the requirement of funds, the LCD mosaic screen 46 inch can be selected, and the price is relatively cheap.
5. When choosing LCD splicing screen, the LCD splicing screen with fan has higher fever, while the LED splicing screen has less fever.
6. The LCD splicing screen with metal shell is selected. This kind of LCD splicing screen has better shielding performance (especially after the shell is grounded) and is not easily disturbed by space magnetic field.
7. The position of LCD splicing screen device should prevent the screen from being shot by the outside world. When there is an unavoidable incident of strong light, corresponding measures should be taken to avoid light.
8. Quantity: The number of LCD splicing screens can be determined by the number of cameras in the scene. Generally, 4:1 mode is adopted. If the space is limited, several small LCD monitors can be installed on both LCD splicing screens.
9. Clarity: According to the resolution index of the camera used, the LCD splicing screen with high resolution should be selected. The brightness of the current LCD splicing screen is better, 450 cd/700 cd.
10. The setting of LCD splicing screen should be unified with the design of monitoring center. It has reasonable layout, convenient operation and easy maintenance.
No matter which brand LCD splicing screen is used, its security is very important. The safety performance standards of LCD splicing screen must be guaranteed.






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