Advantages and Characteristics of LED Magic Cube Screen

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LED Magic Cube Display Screen, also known as Cube LED Display Screen, Hexahedral LED Display Screen. LED Magic Cube Screen is usually composed of six LED planes to form a cube. It can also be spliced into geometric shapes. The smallest gap between the face and the face is perfectly connected. It can be watched from any angle around, get rid of the traditional flat screen, and give the audience a new visual experience.
  1. Advantages of LED Magic Cube Display
  2. Seamless stitching: 45 degree design, seamless stitching can be achieved;
  3. Uniform Pumping: Supports Uniform Pumping Technology, and the display picture is not distorted.;
  4. Flexible Control: Asynchronous Compatibility, Offline and Online Support;
  5. Good heat dissipation: using aluminium structural heat dissipation solution;
  6. Easy to install: As a complete system, it supports landing installation, hoisting, embedded installation, etc.;
  7. Maintenance convenience: pre-and post-maintenance support;
  8. Characteristic of Rubik Cube LED Display Screen
  9. Magic cube LED display can be used in outdoor and indoor display occasions with transparency, large distance between display pixels and certain decorative effect. It is an application product of LED display between ordinary display screen and lighting.;
  10. After special processing, the display unit can be assembled into many kinds of special-shaped screens, such as inner arc display surface, outer arc display surface, inner circle display surface, S display surface, spherical display surface and so on, which can not be achieved by ordinary display screen.
  11. In order to ensure the brightness of the outdoor realistic engineering pixels, the front of the pixels is waterproofed with silica gel. The color of the silica gel can be matched with the color card according to the engineering requirements, so that it can be perfectly coordinated with the color of the exterior wall of the building.
  12. Pixel outlet line is the best silica gel wire with professional waterproof connector. The specially designed fully sealed waterproof structure can meet IP67 to adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments. The working environment can reach - 20 and + 80 degrees Celsius, and can work in the rain.
  13. Magic cube LED display adopts bar display unit, which has strong visual impact and high safety factor.
  14. The viewing angle of Magic Cube LED display is 360 degrees. Video is broadcasted in all directions. There is no problem of viewing angle of flat LED display.
  15. Multiple pixels in series or in parallel can realize full-color display, and can clearly play video. LED balls can display full-color Video synchronously or asynchronously.
  16. Magic Cube LED display is equipped with professional audio and video processing system, which supports multiple external signal access and can realize live broadcast.
  17. The diameter of the LED ball can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements. The sphere is completely completed by NC. The precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall curvature of the LED ball.
  18. The 10mm LED ball has a diameter of 1M and a weight of 75Kgs. It is specially designed for mobile stage. It is a bright spot in the rental industry.
  19. Rubik Cube LED display does not need to be installed, can be used on arrival, installation-free!
  20. Magic cube LED display has the advantages of light weight, good wind resistance, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, convenient front maintenance, good waterproof performance, good seismic performance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame, no fan silence, etc.
  21. Like leasing LED display, all-aluminium structure is designed with light weight and strong structure. The installation mode of LED ball can be designed as mobile, hoisting and seat according to customer's requirements.
  22. According to customer requirements and site environment, customize the most suitable solution of Rubik's Cube LED display screen;
Rubik's Cube LED Display Screen Application Site:
It is widely used in museums, astronomical museums, science and technology museums, children's palaces, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, Airport halls, star hotels, large open-air places, railway stations, ports, shopping malls, bars and other places.





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