What are the advantages of advertising machines?

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What are the advantages of outdoor advertising machines? Recently, outdoor advertising machines can be seen everywhere in every street, so that many enterprises can easily publicize the brand among the vast crowd, build brand awareness, and put outdoor advertising machines into flexible, fast, outdoor and indoor free choice. Today, shopping malls are the main occasions related to people's daily life, and now the media attach great importance to them. More local, nowadays, the form of advertising is gradually changing to digitalization, informationization and intellectualization, which makes the major shopping malls use outdoor advertising machines. It is a variety of shopping malls activities and commodity preferences introduced to consumers in detail.
What are the advantages of outdoor advertising machines? What are the advantages and characteristics of outdoor advertising machines in stores?
1、Advertisements for the benefit of the people, such as food safety advocacy, prevention of health knowledge at all times, can better reflect the pro-new media tools, democratization.
2、For example, most of the on-demand meals are concessional activities in various restaurants in the mall, and most of the weekends are Festival promotions.
3、The use of outdoor advertising machines to display various commodities and preferential activities in shopping malls; to facilitate the timely inspection of users
4、Urgent, real-time information or announcement; unavoidable in a large shopping mall will encounter children lost, can be timely in advertising
5、Promoting new stores; facilitating users'up-to-date understanding of stores and commodities
Advertising machines in Huayun's horizon make the information of advertisements more useful.
Shopping malls use outdoor advertising machines to publish shopping malls'information, which not only improves the advertising coverage, but also improves the service level of shopping malls, makes the media broadcasting more friendly to the people, and also improves the efficiency of advertising promotion, bringing more benefits. 
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