What are the advantages of the conference machine?

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Meetings are often written and annotated. The traditional way is to write on a whiteboard or use a computer + projector + projector + sound. Nowadays, the wide application of mobile Internet has greatly changed the way we live and work. We have digitized a lot of our work. Meetings should also change with the tide. In modern and efficient meetings, data, charts, multimedia, annotations and video communication systems are all required. The conference integration machine specially integrates all the functions needed for meetings, and has only one screen. It does not occupy space on the wall and is convenient to move on the ground. It is ready for efficient meetings anytime and anywhere.
Convenience, practicability and efficiency are the core design concept of intelligent multimedia classroom solutions. Only when the operation is simple, the function is practical and the effect is good can the efficiency of teaching and learning be improved.
Compared with the traditional multimedia classroom scheme, the integrated intelligent touch control and Bluetooth wireless amplification system fully embodies the advanced nature of the whole system in terms of access mode and system control.
三、Handwriting convenience
With the help of the conference integration machine, you can directly cast or copy your completed project (PPT) to the large screen of the conference integration machine, because our screen is high-definition full-angle screen, so no matter where the participants can clearly see the content of the project, you can comment, modify and save it at any time.
For the group companies with many branches, the annual conference travel expenses are not small expenditure, in addition to wasting a lot of manpower and material resources, meeting efficiency has become inefficient, participants have to rush back and forth, exhausted. It is possible to hold or attend meetings in time with a conference-in-one machine. Make your decision more efficient and timely.
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