Selection and Purchase of Safety LCD Splice Screen

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Every department in society has certain secrets, ranging from installing anti-theft locks in families to state secrets. With the attention of the society to confidentiality, security LCD splicing screen has been applied, and it also has a vast market. So, as the purchaser of security LCD splicing project, how do we choose high quality security LCD splicing screen products?
Introduction of security LCD splicing screen technology
In the current commercial large-screen display market, security LCD splicing screen has become a well-deserved main force, widely used in the government, education, security and other fields. For the majority of industry users, security LCD splicing screen is not unfamiliar, but most of their understanding is superficial, do not have professional knowledge, which directly leads to many users in the purchase of security LCD splicing screen and application products will inevitably fall into some misunderstandings. Affect the use effect.
With the development of LCD splicing technology, security LCD splicing becomes thinner and thinner. Under the vigorous propaganda of manufacturers in the industry, the advantages of security LCD splicing thin products have been well known by many industry users. For example, the weight is reduced, the screen will be more beautiful, more convenient to install, and also can speed up the corresponding time. Relevant research shows that when the thickness of LCD splicing is reduced by 20, the response speed of LCD splicing will increase by 35. The thinner the product is, the higher the requirement of manufacturing process. If the manufacturing process is not passed, not only the color of screen display will become dim, but also the viewing angle will become smaller. At the same time, the probability of bad spots on the screen will increase, while the yield of the product will decrease. So far, there is no perfect technology in the industry to solve the above problems. Therefore, in order to produce light and thin products, manufacturers'production costs will increase a lot. Correspondingly, when transferred to industry users, the use costs will also increase significantly. High cost, multiple hidden dangers, this is the user in the pursuit of light products must be considered, of course, if conditions permit, must choose, then choose quality and after-sales service are guaranteed large brand products.
二.Selection and Purchase of Safety LCD Splice Screen
1. Look at the Brand
At present, everyone in the LCD industry knows that LCD splicing screen is an important part of the LCD panel. High-quality LCD splicing screen is widely used in the market due to advanced manufacturing technology, quality control, color rendering and practical application effect. 46-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch LCD splicing screen are widely used. In the whole LCD industry, security industry, commercial display industry how to be popular in recent 10 years, from the introduction of 46 inch 6.7mm LCD splicing screen in the past few years, security LCD splicing screen has been constantly updated, there are 1.7mm splicing LCD splicing screen. Only when a company pays attention to technological innovation, product quality and after-sales service can it win customers'favor in the market competition. It is also because the company wants to win customers that he will continue to innovate, do a good job in technological innovation, quality control and after-sales service of products.
2. Look at the sewing
The technical index of security LCD splicing screen lies in the size of its seam. The size of the seam of LCD splicing screen has gone through several years of development and technological breakthroughs from 6.7mm to 1.7mm.
3. Looking at Brightness
The brightness of security LCD splicing screen is usually measured by CD (Candela), nit (Nite), lumen. The brightness of security LCD splicing screen will directly affect the clarity and permeability of LCD splicing screen. LCD screen has high and low brightness. If a 700 CD and a 450 CD security LCD splicing screen are displayed simultaneously, the visual experience will be much clearer, clearer and more transparent.
4. Look at the workmanship
Good security LCD splicing screen products must pay attention to details, security LCD splicing screen machine in the production process, manufacturers must pay attention to every detail, through the control of each component to ensure the quality of LCD splicing screen, such as LCD panel in the installation of the line is orderly, hot tape is effectively fixed screen line, backlight, tie-up is not strapped. Good need to be tightened place, LCD splicing screen driver board, power supply board whether to choose industry optimization scheme configuration, LCD splicing screen keyboard, key line, screen line, back light, control line, remote control quality is reliable, LCD splicing screen back cover sheet metal quality is high, paint quality is high, LCD splicing screen after assembly is completed through strict process. Aging test with time.





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