How to calculate the price of Huaysky splicing screen?

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In the communication with customers, Huaysky often encounters customers and asks, how much is your splicing screen? How to calculate the price of LCD splicing screen? Many people think that the splicing screen is the same as the LED screen, which is calculated according to the square. In fact, this understanding can be said to be right, or it can be said that it is wrong, mainly based on the customer's request to calculate the price, in our ordinary sales staff encountered such customers It must be very embarrassing. As a customer who is not very understanding, it is really understandable. Therefore, considering many customers consulting this question, Huaysky has compiled a content analysis of the price for the customers and friends. The sales staff of Huayun Vision will The corresponding data to the customer to develop detailed professional solutions and quotations. Customers can also communicate with our sales staff in Huaysky according to their own situation, as a reference!

First, the size of the LCD splicing screen

LCD splicing screens are commonly used in sizes 46-inch, 47-inch, 49-inch, and 55-inch. The 49-inch and 55-inch models are more commonly used. First, understand how many inches of LCD splicing screens are needed. If the user does not determine the specific size. Just understand how big the area you want to display. Huayun Vision sales staff will recommend the appropriate splicing screen according to the length and width of the site provided by the customer.

Second, the seam of the LCD splicing screen

The seam of the splicing screen has different specifications such as 0.88mm, 1.7mm, 1.8mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm. The size of the seam directly affects the price of the LCD splicing screen. If the seam is large, the display effect is not good. If the seam is too small, the cost is relatively high but the display effect is good. Usually, Huayun Vision will determine the seams according to customer needs, different needs, corresponding to different seam sizes. At present, the mainstream LCD splicing wall on the market is 3.5mm patchwork, suitable for display, conference, etc. 5.5MM is suitable for monitoring. Of course, the smaller the seam is, the higher the requirement for R&D, so the price is more expensive. The 3.5mm seam is narrower than 5.5mm and the price is not as expensive as the 1.7mm seam. The overall display is good. Therefore, 3.5mm seams are more commonly used.

Third, the installation method

The installation methods commonly used in Huayun Vision are: wall hanging, floor stand and cabinet, which have more wall mounting, and are more convenient, beautiful and cheap. However, when installing a wall mount, it is first necessary to consider whether the wall can withstand the weight of the LCD splicing screen. If you want to save costs if the wall can't bear the weight, you can choose the floor stand. However, the floor stand has no appearance in appearance with respect to the wall hanging and the cabinet. Therefore, in the installation method, we will try our best to understand the customer's needs and give reasonable suggestions.

Fourth, image processing equipment

This refers to the input of the signal type, which is a very important part of the splicing large-screen system, which determines the type of image processor to be selected; therefore, in the consultation of the project, it is necessary to know the number of signals to be input and the type of signal. Manufacturers can better choose the splicing screen processor for the right project. Different display modes and application processors are different, and the price is also very different. Therefore, before consulting, be sure to know the device type of the front end.

Fifth, the implementation location of the splicing screen project

Huaysky is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of LCD splicing screens. The profit margin of splicing screens is very low, and the installation area is different. The cost of logistics, manual installation and after-sales service is naturally different. In order to protect customer rights, customers usually consult. When you ask about the location of the project and whether you need to install it at home, you can charge a certain project installation fee according to the location of the project. Of course, if the customer feels that they can install it themselves, Huayun Vision will send professional engineers to do one-on-one remote guidance without charging. Any expenses, such as self-installation, do not require our company to provide on-site installation services. When Huayun Vision sales personnel calculate the price, they will charge a certain installation fee according to the size of the project and the location of the project.

The sixth point, whether the splicing screen project is invoiced

Many customers need to issue VAT invoices, and some customers do not need them. Therefore, before the splicing screen project is quoted, we need to know whether the project needs to include tax. Because it needs tax, the company will charge 10% of the tax. The company can issue a deductible 17% VAT invoice. This is also what we must understand during the quotation process. The above is the relevant analysis of Huayun Vision for the quotation of splicing screen projects.

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