How to choose LED display and LCD splicing screen

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Nowadays, the use of large screens is getting bigger and bigger, and the types are also various. When choosing a large-screen system, it is often entangled in the use of LCD splicing screens or LED displays, many customers do not understand, due to their own technical differences, resulting in their display characteristics are completely different, the application environment is also larger Difference, then how do we choose?

First, indoor LCD, outdoor LED
LCD splicing screen is the same as LCD TV. It belongs to electronic components. It is composed of many integrated circuits. Therefore, it does not have waterproof ability. It is afraid of moisture and humidity, so it can only be used indoors and keep it dry. In order to ensure its service life and normal display.
The LED can achieve the purpose of waterproofing after simple processing, so the large screen on the outdoor square is the LED used, and the outdoor brightness is strong, the brightness of the LED can be adjusted, so the LED is most suitable.

Second, look at the LCD, look at the LED
The display effect of the LCD splicing screen is the same as that of the TV. The single screen can reach 1920*1080 resolution, and 4 splicing can realize 4K display, so it supports the playback display of various high-definition sources, and the picture restoration effect is the best. So it looks better when viewed at close range.
The LED is composed of a single lamp bead, so the resolution is low. The most direct effect is that the text is composed of blocks one by one, which is the performance of low resolution, but it is affected if viewed from a distance. Smaller.

Third, according to the application function selection
The LCD splicing screen is a single-screen display unit that supports splicing, cross-screening, splitting and other display functions. It is mainly used in video surveillance displays, conferences, exhibition halls, etc., supporting hundreds of monitoring signals simultaneously on the screen display, multiple The computer signal is displayed on the screen at the same time.
The main function of LED is single-screen full-screen display, such as a large screen to play a signal, such as video, advertising, etc., the display function is weak. So if it is used in the monitoring and conference with LCD splicing screen is the most suitable, if it is used to play full-screen advertising with LED is better.

Fourth, consider life and after-sales service
The integrated life of the LCD splicing screen can reach more than 60,000 hours, and the stability of the liquid crystal panel is excellent, and there are few problems in subsequent use, and even if it is used for such a long time, it will only affect its brightness, only You need to replace the backlight tube to restore the original bright colors. Therefore, the maintenance cost is lower.
Although the life of LED can reach more than 5 years, there is a certain dead light rate. The longer the display time, the more dead lights. If you want to repair, only the technicians of the factory can disassemble the welding, which will affect the display effect and the maintenance cost is high. .
If it is to display video surveillance, multi-computer signal input, choose LCD splicing screen, if it is advertising, use LED display.
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