Splicing screen maintenance and usage precautions

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The installation of the LCD splicing screen is not the same as that of a normal display device, but it is simply installed. LCD splicing screen installation is not only careful to choose the installation site, but also need to pay attention to the light around the installation environment, but also need to pay attention to the wiring, but also for the frame, we will talk about the installation of LCD splicing screen.

Method / step

1, the choice of installation ground:

The installation surface of the LCD splicing screen should be flat, because the entire system of the LCD splicing screen is relatively large in terms of volume and weight. The selected ground also needs to have a certain ability to withstand weight. If the floor is tiled, it may not be able to withstand its weight. Another point is that the ground should be installed to prevent static electricity.

2, splicing screen wiring notes:

When installing the LCD splicing screen, be careful to distinguish the power and signal lines when wiring, and install them in different places to avoid interference. In addition, according to the size and installation position of the screen of the entire project, calculate the length and specifications of the various lines required, and calculate the needs of the entire project.

3, splicing screen ambient light requirements:

If there is no bright light source around the environment to be installed, you can use the standard brightness. The light that may be incident near the screen (such as windows) should be blocked if necessary, and the light should be turned off when the device is running. Ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Do not install the lamp in front of the screen, install the drum light.

If the ambient light is strong, you need to select a high-brightness splicing screen.

4, splicing screen frame requirements:

In order to facilitate the maintenance of the LCD splicing screen in the future, the frame edging must be detachable. In the outer frame, a gap of about 25 mm is reserved on each side of the outer wall of the wall, and the large wall should also be appropriately increased according to the number of columns. In addition, in order to enter the cabinet maintenance later, the maintenance passage is in principle not less than 1.2m wide. The detachable side strip is preferably pressed to the edge of the screen by 3-5 mm. After the box and the screen are completely installed, the detachable side strip is finally fixed.

5, splicing screen ventilation requirements:

In the maintenance access, air conditioners or air outlets must be installed to ensure that the equipment is well ventilated. The position of the air outlet should be as far as possible from the LCD splicing wall (about 1m is better), and the wind at the air outlet cannot be directly blown against the box to avoid damage to the screen due to uneven heat and cold.

6. At the LCD splicing construction site, the installation and debugging should judge the cause according to the phenomenon reflected by the fault. It is important to check the synchronous interface and transmission cable of the equipment, and the synchronization frequency range of the control signal source and the display terminal.

If the image has a ghost image, check if the transmission cable is too long or too thin. The solution is to change the line test or add a signal amplifier or other device. If the focus is not ideal, you can adjust the display terminal.

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