How to choose a cost-effective LCD splicing screen?

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With the continuous development of the society, people need high-definition large screens in various fields, and LCD splicing screens have emerged as a large-screen display product that has emerged in recent years, and a large screen composed of multiple splicing units gives a good Visual experience. However, many customers have doubts when purchasing LCD splicing screens: How can I purchase a cost-effective LCD splicing screen? Below Huayun Vision for your interpretation:

First of all, what kind of LCD panel is considered high quality when purchasing LCD TV wall?

As is well known, the liquid crystal panel is an important component of the liquid crystal splicing unit, and the quality of the liquid crystal panel directly determines the overall display effect, service life and sales price of the liquid crystal splicing screen. But for the user: the premise of trying to judge the quality of the LCD splicing screen is that the LCD panel has a sufficient understanding. As far as the liquid crystal panel is concerned, according to its characteristics such as bright spots, dark spots, spots, and bright lines, the liquid crystal panel can be roughly divided into four levels: A+, A, B, and C. The A+ screen is a good screen in the entire LCD panel. The LCD splicing unit constructed by it has sufficient protection in terms of display effect and service life.

Secondly, we must figure out a question: Is the larger the size of the LCD splicing screen, the greater the power consumption?

As far as the current situation is concerned, the use of large-sized liquid crystal display devices has become an irreversible trend. Although many users like large-size LCD splicing screens, they have concerns about their power consumption. Especially in industries where security, digital signage, etc. require long-term continuous operation. Users are particularly concerned about the power consumption of the display device. So in terms of LCD splicing screen, is it really the larger the size, the greater the power consumption? The answer is of course no. According to the research, the power consumption of the splicing units with different sizes is not large. The current consumption of the 46-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch LCD splicing units on the market is roughly equivalent. In the actual application process, the difference in power consumption of the LCD splicing screen is caused by factors such as the number of splicing units and the difference in product quality of different manufacturers. Therefore, under certain application conditions, large sizes should be purchased as much as possible. A product with low power consumption.

There is also the brightness of the LCD splicing screen, which is one of the more concerned issues for users to purchase LCD splicing units.

As far as the liquid crystal splicing screens currently on the market are concerned, they can be roughly classified into two types: one is a liquid crystal splicing screen of ordinary brightness, and the other is a splicing screen of high brightness. But the actual difference between the two is not very large, and the user will not distinguish. Therefore, some splicing screen manufacturers sell the low-brightness LCD splicing unit to the user as a high-brightness splicing unit, and obtain rich profits from it. To this end, Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. gives you a brief introduction on how to distinguish the low brightness and highlight of the LCD splicing screen. Simply put, a low-brightness LCD screen is suitable for indoor use, and a high-brightness LCD screen is suitable for outdoor use or where there is strong light. It can be easily adjusted by turning the screen directly into a white screen. The screen displayed on the high screen is white, while the low screen is yellow, but this is only an objective difference. If you want reliable results, you have to test it with a professional brightness instrument.

To put it simply, in order to obtain a cost-effective LCD splicing screen, in addition to a certain understanding of the LCD splicing unit, it has to be based on its actual needs. In this way, a satisfactory LCD splicing video wall display system can be obtained.

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