How to choose conference flat panel, LCD splicing screen and LED screen?

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With the development of global economic integration, remote combination collaboration has become the norm in daily operations of enterprises. With branches in various places throughout the enterprise, cross-regional communication within the enterprise is essential. Through video conferencing, efficient meetings of all employees of the company can be achieved, the timeliness of information exchange can be ensured, problems can be solved in the first place, and corporate competitiveness can be improved. Therefore, video conferencing is an important part of building an efficient information communication system, and it is a rigid requirement for enterprises to provide efficient communication. In modern corporate conference rooms, there will be a large-screen display device that replaces the traditional projection as our first choice. There are three commonly used: touch conference flat panel, LCD splicing screen, LED display. They can better achieve the functions we need, such as simultaneous input of multiple computer signals, ten-finger touch, etc. At the same time, their clarity and display effect allow us to have a better viewing experience. But because they have different display characteristics and different application occasions, let's analyze in detail what are their advantages and disadvantages to help you make a suitable choice.

First, touch the conference tablet

What kind of product to choose depends on the number of people in the meeting. If our company has about 10-50 people, using a 55-100 inch conference tablet can completely meet the display requirements.

Advantages of conference tablet:
The conference tablet can be understood as a large-sized tablet computer display, which has both a Windows computer system and an Android system, so it can be used as a computer or a tablet. Its biggest advantage is that it has a touch function. We can write on it with our fingers, which is equivalent to a smart whiteboard, so we can abandon paper and traditional whiteboards, and make the display of the entire conference room more intelligent.
At the same time, the resolution of the conference tablet can reach 4K, so it is particularly clear when displaying videos and pictures. In addition, the conference tablet also has a wireless screen transmission function. We don't need to connect the conference tablet to the computer with a high-definition cable. We can use a wireless projector to plug in the USB interface of the computer to place the image on the display screen, thereby reducing the cable Bondage. It can be equipped with a separate base, this bottom seat can move freely, so it is no longer limited to a certain position.
Defects of the conference tablet:
Screen limitation, its screen size is between 55-100 inches, so it can only be used in conference rooms with fewer people;
LCD splicing screen

If it is a conference room with more than 30 people and less than 100 people, the screen will be too small when using a conference tablet, and the content on the screen will not be clear from a distance. At this time, the LCD splicing screen becomes a better choice.

Advantages of LCD splicing screen:
1. The screen expands infinitely. The biggest function of the LCD splicing screen is that it can be spliced. Although its single screen size is only about 55 inches, it can splice with each other to form a screen of any size, which is equivalent to its screen display Big;
2, high resolution, single screen 1920 * 1080, can also achieve more than 4K display.
3. The comprehensive display effect is good. This point includes its brightness, contrast, and sharpness. This is the best LCD splicing screen among all displays. Its brightness is moderate, and it will not be dazzling when viewed. The colors presented are very rich.
Defects of LCD splicing screen:
There are seams, but the minimum can be 0.88mm bilaterally. There will be certain visual obstacles when displaying pure white pictures. However, in the LCD splicing screen project that our company installed for customers, there are many cases of 0.88mm used in conference rooms. And get the unanimous approval of customers.
LED display
If the number of participants is more than 100 in a large conference room, the viewing distance of the back row will usually be more than 10 meters. At this time, we can consider using smaller pitch LED display products. Compared with the wide-pitch LED display, its display effect is better, but compared to the LCD splicing screen, it has no stitching effect, but the cost will be much higher than the LCD splicing screen.
LED display advantages:
1. No stitching, no matter how big the entire LED display, there is no stitching effect like LCD splicing screen.

2. It can be spliced, and the screen can be expanded infinitely to form a screen of any size.

LED display defects:
1. The resolution is low, and the image will be jagged when viewed at close distances. This is also a major reason why it is suitable for installation in large conference rooms. Because large conference rooms have long viewing distances, the impact of its lower resolution is Will weaken.
2. The after-sales rate is too high. Because the LED beads of the LED display are welded to it, there will be a part of the phenomenon during the installation and later use. At this time, dead lights will appear. If it is not repaired, it will be serious. Affects the display effect, resulting in a high after-sales rate.
In summary, if you want to choose a suitable large display screen in the meeting room, we recommend that you choose according to the size of the meeting room, the number of participants and the distance of the user's viewing distance. This can meet the display requirements to the greatest extent, and also Greatly enhance the visual experience during meetings.
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