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The LCD advertising machine is actually not unfamiliar to many people, because it appears from time to time in our living environment; if you are very familiar with it, it may not be because we only know its appearance, but not its inside. . Now Huayun Vision will help you expose the old man of the advertising machine.
Source of LCD advertising machine
Everything happens for a certain reason. For the advertising machine, its source is mainly born from market demand, similar to television. If you want to talk about the difference between LCD advertising machines and televisions, then you can say that advertising machines are derivatives and evolutions of televisions.
的 Definition of LCD advertising machine
Advertising machine, in simple terms, is a machine used to play advertisements. This machine can be used to play video advertisements and pictures to make certain information or content widely advertised. From a professional perspective, it is controlled through terminal software, Network information transmission and multimedia terminal display constitute a complete set of advertising broadcast control system, and a set of intelligent equipment for advertising through multimedia materials such as pictures, text, videos, widgets (weather, exchange rate, etc.).
Composition of LCD advertising machine
LCD advertising machine is mainly composed of LCD screen, motherboard, chassis, power supply, speakers and other auxiliary materials.
1: LCD screen
The LCD advertising machine needs to show people pictures or videos, so the LCD screen is one of its four important components.
2: Motherboard
Motherboard For the advertising machine, it is like the center of the human brain. All movement instructions are issued by the motherboard. Therefore, the motherboard is also one of the four important components of the LCD advertising machine.

3: Chassis
The case is a sufficient forming base of the LCD advertising machine. The LCD advertising machine, such as an inorganic case, is like a human without a skeleton, and it is difficult to support it.
4: Power
No matter what kind of electronic product, a closed loop circuit is formed, and the power supply is an essential part of it.

5: Horn
Amplifier is required for video playback, and is usually a part of LCD advertising machine. Some customers require no speakers. The reason is to avoid some noise in the use.
6: Other auxiliary materials
Wires required for circuits, circuit switches, etc.
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