Frame type of LED display

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LED display frame is divided into: embedded mounting bracket, simple frame, stainless steel or aluminum alloy frame.
(1) Built-in mounting bracket
According to different applications, the requirements of the outer frame are different. In-line installation does not require the outer frame, but requires a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is generally made of aluminum, which is relatively light and easy to cut. It can also use universal angle iron (that is, a rectangular iron bar with many holes). The copper pillar on the back of the unit board is used to fix the unit board to the bracket. The bracket should be longer, and the mounting holes for the light box are reserved. Fix the unit board, control card, and power supply to the bracket. The data cable and 220V power cable should be tied to the bracket with a nylon cable tie. Tie a knot after binding to avoid falling off.
(2) Simple frame
The simple frame can be made of aluminum alloy profiles (such as hollow aluminum bars with a square cross-section). If an aluminum alloy frame is used, the screen of the LED display screen is smaller, and the unit board can be directly fixed to the outer frame. If the strength is sufficient, it is not necessary support.
(3) Stainless steel frame or aluminum alloy frame
Generally, the outer frame of the LED display screen is stainless steel. In fact, the outer frame of the stainless steel is only based on a simple frame and is covered with a thin layer of stainless steel skin. Looks beautiful and generous, adding added value. Usually, the stainless steel frame or aluminum alloy frame is manufactured and assembled. After the size is determined, the design drawings are submitted to the hardware factory for processing.
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