Mirror advertising machine

Mirror advertising machine

Mirror advertising machine is a successful application of mirror display glass. Mirror display glass is an optical lens made for mirror display equipment. The mirror display glass is composed of glass and display device. When the display device is turned off, the glass can hide the display system to show the mirror effect. When the display device is turned on, the light source can pass through the glass and clearly display imaging and animation on the glass.
Mainly used forStar restaurants, star hotels, senior clubs, senior clubs, fashion stores and other high consumption places are targeted at middle and high-end people, and are innovative media products tailored to the communication environment of middle and high-end consumer places. 我要采购 立即咨询

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Features of mirror advertising machine:

1. The innovative flat panel ultra-thin borderless technology is adopted, which is simple, exquisite and fashionable in shape, and has a better media image.

2. The image restoration technology is adopted to make the advertising image clearer, the visual experience better and the advertising effect better.

3. The promotion of advertising affinity can not only look in the mirror, but also see the ads at the same time, reducing the sense of rejection of advertising.

4. The screen utilization rate has increased, the display area of unit advertising screen has increased by 10%, and the advertising efficiency has been improved.

5. More intelligent, the system has the function of time display and timing switch, which is more intelligent, more power saving, and more convenient for maintenance.






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