Hotel Catering Large Screen Solution

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Multimedia Large Screen Solution for Hotel Catering

Multimedia touch screen application in the hotel lobby area:

Place a touch screen in the hotel lobby to allow guests to understand the room environment without entering the room; The hotel's catering, entertainment and other supporting facilities are very helpful for promoting and showcasing the hotel's image. At the same time, through the touch screen placed in the lobby, you can quickly query the consumption information and situation introduction of the six major tourism areas around the hotel, including "food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment"

A Hotel Lobby: Install professional LCD display, publish hotel promotional videos, daily banquet information, weather forecast, news information, foreign exchange rate, and other information;

Elevator entrance: A high-resolution and high-definition professional display is installed vertically, adopting a style suitable for the decoration of the hall, which appears more noble and elegant. It is mainly used to release banquet guidance information, hotel promotional videos, customer promotional materials, etc.

At the entrance of each banquet hall, a professional display is installed. It is installed using wall mounted or marble openings embedded in the wall, publishing daily conference information, playing guidance information, conference and banquet themes, schedules, welcome speeches, etc.

D restaurant: Install professional monitors at the entrance of each restaurant room, using embedded installation methods. The program schedule can be set according to the playback time, displaying information such as welcome speeches, specialty dishes, promotional activities, wedding greetings, etc.

Application of large screen display equipment in hotel conference room area:

At present, large screen display systems are increasingly being applied in large conference rooms and multifunctional rooms in the hotel industry. By installing large screen high-definition LCD monitors or LCD splicing walls, various images can be displayed to improve conference quality. By installing a large screen display system in the hotel conference room, it is possible to:

Ordinary meeting function: The computer display output of the conference participants is connected to the information panel on the desktop, and after switching and processing through the image processing system, the computer graphics, text, tables, and video images of the conference participants are directly transmitted to the large screen for real-time display.

Report meeting function: After connecting the KVM or mobile laptop display output of the reporter workstation to the matrix/image processing system for switching processing, the computer graphics, text, tables, and video images of the reporter (KVM) are directly transmitted in real-time to the large screen display.

Training speech function: The interactive writing speech system of the speaker is connected to the matrix/image processing system for display output. After switching processing, the speaker's computer (KVM) graphics, text, tables, and video images are directly transmitted in real-time to the large screen display& Emsp& Emsp;

The application of the hotel touch query all-in-one machine is in line with the trend of the development of the current touch era. By providing customers with various convenient services, it enhances the overall image of the hotel, and the automated service mode also provides customers with many conveniences. The automated information acquisition method of the hotel's touch query all-in-one machine through human-computer interaction also avoids communication conflicts that may arise from manual services, creating a harmonious environment for the hotel.





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