Transparent display cabinet can instantly make your products taller

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Transparent display cabinet is a high-tech product integrating multiple technologies. Compared with traditional displays, this product can bring people visual enjoyment and add interest to display products. While realizing the transparency of the screen, display cabinet can highlight the color and details of dynamic pictures and gradually apply to various fields. In addition to the use of window display and advertising lights, it can also be used in museums, enterprise exhibition halls and other occasions, This kind of publicity makes the product image more vivid and easy to be accepted by the audience. What are the characteristics of transparent display cabinets?

High light transmittance LCD display: the transparent screen with high light transmittance can see the internal items through the screen of the program. The combination of the dynamic advertising information of the product and the static objects such as terminal products and shop windows strengthens the customer's brand experience and shopping experience.

Infinite viewing angle: the transparent panel adopts advanced technology and unique switching mode of liquid crystal molecular plane, and the viewing angle can reach 80 ° from top to bottom, left to right in all directions; The color gamut is greatly increased and the picture is more delicate and bright by using the color free technology. You can enjoy the saturated color and lifelike image from any angle.

    Perfect advertisement playing function: support MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, AVI, JPEG and other multimedia formats, and automatically play advertisement programs in cycles; It supports 720P high-definition playback, scrolling subtitles, timing on/off and other functions.

Humanized and intelligent sound setting: customers can set the volume according to different periods, which is very compatible with the humanized management of high-end hotels, hospitals, residential areas and other places.

Touch without trace: touch function can be added, and unique high-tech hard screen can be used. When touching the screen, there will be no ripples, the picture will be clearer and more stable, and the image will be smoother and more natural.

Transparent advertising machines are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, jewelry stores, museums, exhibitions, exhibition halls, etc., to introduce special products, and can also be used in the perspective of refrigerator doors, car windshields, corporate image walls, building glass, vending machines, or they can be fixedly installed anywhere as advertising tools. Consumers can touch pieces of "glass" at will, and take the initiative to contact product publicity, And interact with advertising. This more novel and scientific way can turn the boastful advertisement into the genuine interaction with consumers, provide the most eye-catching advertising effect, and enable more people to experience the fun and shock brought by the interaction.





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