Transparent display cabinet

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Transparent display cabinet, also known as "transparent screen display cabinet, transparent LCD display cabinet", is a device that breaks the conventional display products. Through the transparent screen, it develops a more pleasant human-computer interaction, and makes the exhibits information more intuitive and clearer in the way of 3D images, which can attract the viewers' attention. Compared with traditional display cabinets, transparent display cabinets bring more interest to product display and unprecedented visual experience to users.


Principle of transparent display cabinet

The transparent display cabinet integrates microelectronic technology, optoelectronic technology, computer technology and information processing technology. There is a layer of soft material called polarizer on the screen surface of the transparent display cabinet, which has the function of filter. In other words, when the LCD screen is working, only the parallel light is left after the X or Y direction light is filtered out. If it does not pass through the polarizing display of the polarizer, the naked eye can not see any display at all. In the production process, firstly, the lines are printed on two ultra-thin transparent substrates and ITO materials, then the two pieces are pressed together, then the liquid crystal is poured into the middle of the two transparent substrates, and the liquid crystal port is sealed, and finally the polarizer is installed on the outside of the transparent substrate.


The principle of transparent display cabinet is the micro innovation of LCD screen. The chip manufacturing process and information control system are improved. With the hollow design structure, the obstruction of structural components to the line of sight is reduced, and the permeability and lighting performance are improved.


The screen of transparent display cabinet is as transparent as glass, and at the same time, it can ensure the display details of dynamic pictures. Therefore, the interactive display of transparent display cabinet can not only let consumers watch the exhibits through the screen, but also enable consumers to interact with the transparent display cabinet in dynamic information.





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