What is the difference and connection between touch all-in-one machine and LCD advertising machine?

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Many customers often don't know the difference between advertising machines and touch all-in-one machines. Especially now advertising machines also have touch function, which is called touch advertising machines. Are these two the same thing? What's the difference between different words? The following is a brief introduction to Huayun vision from the aspects of composition, function and application.

1、 Differences in composition

1. Advertising machine: it is mainly composed of display screen, driver board, decoding board, power supply, shell, additional modules, software, etc. The size of the display screen ranges from a few inches to hundreds of inches. For those with touch function, a touch frame will be added in front of the LCD screen. The driver board is the main board, and the decoding board decodes various audio and video files. The additional modules often refer to the functional modules added according to the demand, such as WiFi module, 4G module, etc. the software is mainly its own system and publishing software used to publish or update advertising content in the background;

2. Touch all-in-one machine: it is mainly composed of display screen, mainboard, decoding board, touch module, power supply, shell, software, etc. The size of the display screen generally ranges from more than 20 inches to hundreds of inches. The functions of the main board and the decoding board are similar, but the performance of the main board of the touch all-in-one machine is not comparable to that of the driving board of the advertising machine. The touch module includes touch frame, tempered glass, etc., including infrared touch and capacitive touch. The software is mainly its own operating system, and other application software can be installed by itself.

2、 Functional differences

1. Advertising machines: to put it bluntly, advertising machines are mainly used for display, including text, pictures, videos, etc. of course, some enterprises will put some advertising machines in the conference room or hall to publicize corporate culture, products, conference information, etc.

2. Touch all-in-one machine: it is mainly used for operation, such as query, ordering, product demonstration, conference application, etc. in addition, the touch all-in-one machine can often be connected to other devices, such as printers, cameras, etc. of course, the touch all-in-one machine can also be used for display.

3、 Application differences

1. Advertising machines: advertising machines are widely used in many industries. If you pay attention, you will see them in many living places, such as hotels, shopping malls, enterprises, KTVs, bars, banks, etc. Compared with the traditional advertising mode, the advertising machine has great advantages, such as richer and diverse advertising content, higher-end atmosphere, more convenient modification / release of advertising, etc. in addition, it can carry out customized production of various functions and appearance, which keeps up with the pace of high-frequency renewal of various affairs in the current Internet era.

2. Touch all-in-one machine: Although the cost of touch all-in-one machine is higher than that of advertising machine and its application is not so extensive, it still plays a great role in many industries, such as bank, medical treatment, cinema, shopping mall, conference, catering, etc., such as self-service inquiry machine in bank, ticket vending machine in cinema, interactive all-in-one machine in shopping mall and all-in-one machine for conference explanation, The self-service ordering machines in restaurants belong to the category of touch all-in-one machines.

So, what's the difference between an advertising machine and a touch all-in-one machine? In fact, the two have similarities and obvious differences. In a word, compared with the touch all-in-one machine, the advertising machine is simpler, and the configuration and function are not so powerful. However, with the development of technology and market demand, the functional configuration of advertising machine is becoming more and more powerful. I think it will be closer and closer to touch all-in-one machine in the future.






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