What are the functions and effects of touch all-in-one

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With the development of touch technology, the application of electronic touch devices in life and work has become more and more extensive, and they are often seen in many places of various industries. As a computer all-in-one product with touch function, touch all-in-one machine has very powerful application function and very convenient operation means, so its application in the market is very popular. Nowadays, touch all-in-one machine has been widely used in many fields of various industries, such as teaching, conference, inquiry, display, advertising, entertainment, industrial control and so on. Next, Huayun vision editor will introduce to you the functions and effects of touch all-in-one machine.

  1、 Design diversity

  The design form of LCD touch all-in-one machine is diversified, users can choose according to their own needs. Multi touch unit is suitable for recording, playing, live broadcasting and other scenes. The system supports a variety of media content input sources, including media resources (pictures, animations, videos, etc.) stored in hard disk and live video input and output (live video stream can be integrated into the host system through SDI adapter).

  2、 Environmental protection and energy saving

  Touch all-in-one belongs to environmental protection and energy-saving equipment. Unlike projectors, which have strict requirements for light, too bright ambient light will directly affect product performance. Touch all-in-one solves this problem well, and it is not disturbed by external light,It will not be like the ordinary electronic whiteboard, when the light is dim, can not see clearly, or produce reflective situation, and low energy consumption, also reduce the light pollution. Moreover, with the continuous application and development of touch all-in-one machine, to meet the requirements of the times, add safety weight for health and environmental protection, LCD touch all-in-one machine pays more attention to its own health and environmental protection. The reason why touch all-in-one machine is so popular is that it can keep up with the rapid pace of development of the times, and the efficient life and learning mode.

  3、 Multi machine integration

  Generally speaking, touch all-in-one machine is used in conference room or teaching. Unlike traditional projection, it needs projector, projection screen, audio, controller and cumbersome connection control. It also avoids the inconvenience that ordinary electronic whiteboard will affect the image effect when blocking the projector light. It integrates a variety of devices and effectively improves the work efficiency.

  4、 Intelligent interaction

  Different from the traditional computer products, the operation mode of touch all-in-one machine is very convenient. The sensitive touch control system can be well applied to various application places and provide various efficient services.

  The above is about the function and effect of touch all in one machine. As a company, Huayun vision mainly produces LED display screen, touch all-in-one machine, teaching touch all-in-one machine, conference touch all-in-one machine, touch query machine, splicing advertising machine, touch splicing screen, splicing monitor, LCD splicing screen and other image processor products, and has been highly recognized by the market.






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