Introduction to video conference system

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Video conference system, also known as video conference system, refers to the system equipment in which two or more individuals or groups in different places transmit sound, images and documents to each other through transmission lines and multimedia equipment to realize real-time and interactive communication, so as to achieve the purpose of the conference. The use of video conference is a bit like a telephone. In addition to seeing the people you are talking to and communicating with each other, you can also see their expressions and actions, making people in different places feel like communicating in the same room.

General video conference system includes video conference server, conference room terminal, PC desktop terminal, telephone access gateway, gateway and so on. Various terminals are connected to the video conference server for centralized exchange to form a video conference network. In addition, the voice conference system allows all desktop users to participate in voice conference through PC.

(1)Conference server

  Conference server is the core part of video conference system, which provides users with connection services of group meetings and multi group meetings. At present, the servers of mainstream manufacturers can generally provide access services for up to 32 users in a single machine, and can be cascaded, which can basically meet the use requirements of users. The use and management of the server should not be too complex, and the general staff of the technical department and even the administrative department of the client should be able to operate.

  (2)Terminal products of large, medium and small conference rooms

  The terminal products of large, medium and small conference rooms are provided for users in the conference room. The equipment is equipped with camera and remote control keyboard, which can be displayed by TV or projector. Users can choose different equipment according to the size of the venue. General conference room equipment is equipped with a special camera, which can rotate back and forth, left and right through remote control, so as to cover anyone and objects participating in the conference.

  (3)Desktop (PC) terminal products

  The video conference is held directly on the computer. Generally, the PC camera with relatively low cost is configured, which can only be used by one or two people under normal circumstances.

  (4)Telephone access gateway(PSTN Gateway)

  Users can join the video conference directly by phone or mobile phone, which is particularly important for many leaders and people who travel a lot. It can be said that it will become an indispensable function of video conference in the future.

  In addition, video conference system generally has the function of recording and broadcasting. The meeting can be published immediately and the meeting content can be recorded immediately. Based on the requirements of the current popular conference information materials, the system can support the synchronous recording of electronic materials, ppt documents, flash, IE browser, DVD and other video contents in the speaker's computer, as well as audio contents, video pictures of leaders and guests in the conference and video pictures of participants in the conference.

Overview of video conference system

  1.What are the types of video conferencing systems?

  A: the video conference system is divided into point-to-point (2 people) and group video conference system (multiple people) in terms of user composition mode. According to the technical implementation mode, it is divided into analog (such as one-way video conference using closed-circuit cable TV system) and digital (realized through software and hardware computers and communication technology).

  2.What are the requirements of video conference system for application environment?

  A: the video conference system transmits multimedia data, which is different from ordinary data. Due to the large amount of data of the source signal of sound and dynamic image, it can not be directly transmitted on the digital line under general conditions. At the same time, based on the requirements for the actual use effect, the user also requires the transmitted sound and image signals to be continuous and smooth, and other auxiliary functions to be used simply. Therefore, in order to achieve this effect, the system puts forward high requirements for technology in sound / image compression, communication line conditions, data / application sharing and so on. Generally, 384k-2m network bandwidth is required.





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