The case of splicing screen in Weng'an Tobacco Bureau

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Project Name: splicing screen case of Weng'an Tobacco Bureau

Recently, Huayun vision splicing screen has been successfully applied to Weng'an Tobacco Bureau.


Weng'an Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Guizhou Province is located in Guiyang, which is awarded the title of "summer resort capital of China" by China Meteorological Society. It mainly provides services of "human, financial, material, production, supply, marketing, domestic, foreign and trade" of tobacco, and is under the unified management of China Tobacco Corporation. Now, two sets of LCD splicing screens have been installed and debugged by Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd., one set of 55 inch 4x4 is installed with hydraulic front maintenance bracket, and the other set is installed with 55 inch 4x5 aluminum profile floor stand. Now the installation has been completed, the overall simple atmosphere, the effect is very satisfactory.

55 inch 4x4 hydraulic front maintenance installation


Floor type installation of 55 inch 4x5 aluminum profile华云视界-[敏感词]县烟草局-4.jpg

Installation of hydraulic support


Installation of splicing screen


Splicing screen debugging

Shenzhen Huayun vision LCD splicing screen large screen splicing system mainly includes LCD splicing screen, video splicing processor, bracket, etc., original imported panel, high-definition image quality display, so that every detail is clear. Moreover, according to the use of the construction site, different installation methods can be selected.

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