Shenzhen Futian District Shenzhen Shangcheng Huaxia happiness project case

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Project Name: Futian Shenye Shangcheng Huaxia happiness installation
specification: LG 49 inch LCD splicing screen 3.5mm splicing, two groups of 2x3
installation method: hydraulic front maintenance installation


Recently, the 49 inch 3.5mm high-definition LCD splicing screen of Huayun vision has been successfully applied to Huaxia happiness in Shenzhen, Futian District. The products include 12 LG 49 inch 3.5mm splicing LCD splicing screens and supporting hydraulic front maintenance bracket installation, wt2014-6u splicing screen processor and other peripheral products. It has been accepted successfully.


LCD splicing large screen display system is the main equipment of information display in the company's command and dispatching system, and LCD splicing large screen display system plays an important role. LCD splicing large screen display system is mainly used for information sharing, real-time monitoring of information data, video conference and other functions.


Huayun vision LCD splicing large screen has the advantages of high definition, high brightness, high color saturation, flexible splicing display combination, environmental protection and health, long life, low maintenance cost, etc. There are also 46, 49, 55 inch and other specifications. The seam supports 0.88mm, 1.7mm, 3.5mm and so on. Moreover, it is small in size, light in weight, convenient in installation and small in space.


Main features of Huayun vision LCD splicing screen:
HD display: the highest resolution of LCD splicing screen is 1920 * 1080p, which can clearly show every detail and let you experience it.
Ultra wide viewing angle: the LCD splicing screen has 178 ° wide viewing angle, with fuller color and constant brightness. No matter which angle, it can be seen at a glance.
3D noise reduction: the LCD splicing screen adopts 3D noise reduction technology to easily solve the image edge noise caused by signal loss and achieve the high-definition image quality of the original image.
Various specifications: LCD splicing screen supports 46 / 49 / 55 inch and other different sizes, and 0 / 0.88/1.7/3.5mm splicing is suitable for various scenarios.
IPS hard screen: the LCD splicing screen adopts IPS hard screen, and there is no water ripple on the touch screen by hand, so as to ensure the normal display of the image and not be affected.
Flexible display: LCD splicing screen has full screen, single screen, picture in picture, image roaming and other display modes. Video extension technology is adopted to ensure that the image is not deformed or distorted.


Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LCD splicing large screen display system, with its own brand: Huayun vision, Huashi Siyuan. Since its establishment, with its long service life, low maintenance cost, large viewing angle, small power consumption, low heat output, and excellent performance, reasonable price has been widely used in domestic government, military, commercial market and other major fields. At present, the main application fields include security, command center, entertainment industry, enterprise display, advertising media, exhibition center, power, education, etc.

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