What are the intelligent aspects of LCD splicing screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-06-28

Compared with other displays on the market, LCD splicing screen has higher definition and diversified video display forms. It can display full screen, split screen, multi screen different display and free combination, and enlarge the necessary screen when necessary. At the same time, it supports the functions of image multi screen superposition, zooming, stretching and so on. It provides an intelligent and visual operation management platform for data collection and display, which can ensure the comprehensive and safe supervision without neglecting any details.

As an important display device, LCD splicing screen is indispensable for high definition. With the continuous innovation of technology, most screens have adopted multi signal source access and perfect large screen seamless display effect. Now the resolution of LCD splicing screen of powerful enterprises can reach 1080p HD display standard, and the brightness can also reach 700cd / m ², In the strong light, the image can still be displayed naturally and clearly, perfectly restoring the front-end monitoring video. Therefore, in the later stage of development, technology continues to progress, high-definition demand is also growing.

In the LCD splicing screen industry, intelligence has become the mainstream, and video monitoring network has also attracted much attention. If network products have many advantages, then in the long run, video surveillance will inevitably shift from the front-end camera equipment to the back-end display equipment. The large screen with digital network and remote intelligence will be a bright spot.

The technology of LCD splicing screen has been developing, and the product performance has been optimized, and it has been committed to seamless splicing of splicing screen. Now the splicing of LCD splicing screen can almost achieve seamless data splicing, which also proves that the LCD splicing technology has reached a new high level, Splicing technology will continue to progress to achieve the true sense of "seamless".






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