Precautions for LCD splicing screen installation

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-05-20

With the further promotion of the construction of safe city, the application scope of LCD splicing screen is more and more extensive. As the best terminal display equipment, LCD splicing screen has been adopted by more and more video monitoring places.

1. The light of the environment

Because the brightness of LCD splicing screen is relatively limited, if the light around the system is too bright, it will have a certain impact on the image effect. Generally speaking, it is required that the dark area is within 4 meters in front of the screen. It is better not to install sunshade tubes, but to install built-in downlights. The light can not directly shine on the screen, and there must be an independent switch. In addition, the installation of the lamp barrel should be parallel to the large screen equipment, so as to provide enough lighting in the working area as far as possible, but will not cause obvious impact on the screen. When necessary, light can be injected near the screen (such as windows), and it is better to turn off the light when the equipment is running, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2. Air conditioning (depending on project)

Air conditioning or air outlet must be installed in the maintenance channel to ensure good ventilation of LCD splicing screen equipment. The outlet should be as far away from the LCD splicing screen as possible (about 1m is better), and the outlet air flow should not directly blow against the chassis, so as to avoid damage caused by uneven heat and cold of the LCD splicing screen.

3. Line layout

When connecting the LCD splicing system, the power line and the signal line should be separated to avoid unnecessary interference to the signal; In addition, according to the specifications of LCD splicing screen, cabinet position, signal source position, etc., the length, number of connectors and signal line name of various cables required are calculated.







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