LCD splicing screen plus touch splicing screen, realize the touch of LCD splicing screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-03-25

LCD splicing screen is a large display screen composed of multiple LCD splicing units. In practical application, in order to be more convenient to use, this kind of large screen can also add touch function like touch all-in-one machine and tablet computer, which is widely used in teaching, training, multi-function exhibition hall and other places.


The LCD touch panel has the following features:

1、 Super large splicing touch solution (up to 580 inches)

2、 Customized from 2:00 to 64:00

3、 Super long life, maintenance free

4、 Super high grade light resistance

5、 Support multi screen compatibility

6、 Support multi frame seamless fusion

7、 Multi OS compatible design (support Win XP, win7, win8, Mac OS, Linux, Android)

With its unique design concept of maintenance free and high stability, it has become a mature touch technology product with high performance. With the self-designed exquisite hardware and plastic shell, it has been widely recognized by the domestic government, finance, education, telecommunications, postal, taxation, electric power, industrial control, radio and television industry users. At the same time, it also provides one-stop comprehensive services for system integrators, engineering companies and many well-known enterprises and units.





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